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A bull calf is male with male reproductive organs, which means he cannot get pregnant. Only females (heifers, possibly heifer calves and cows) can get pregnant. Thus, your question has no merit whatsoever.

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Q: How old does a bull calf have to be to get pregnant?
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What is the name of a bull calf?

A bull calf.

What is the opposite word bull-calf?


Can only a bull get a cow pregnant?

Yes. That's the only way you will get a calf. Breeding a cow to another male animal (except a bull bison or carabao) will not get her pregnant.

Will a 3 year old bull hurt a baby heifer calf?


How is a male calf called?

Bull calf if intact; steer calf if castrated.

Can a black cow and a bull have a white calf?

No. Black is a dominant colour, no matter what colour the bull is. If the bull is white, the calf will be grey. If a bull is black, the calf will be black; if a bull is a blue roan, the calf will be most likely a darker roan or even black; if a bull is red or brown, the calf will be black; if a bull is yellow or orange the calf will be either grey or black.

What are the names given to a calf at different stages of life?

A calf is a calf from birth to weaning. That calf is no longer a calf after weaning, but a bull (if male and intact), a steer (if castrated) or a heifer (if a female). If the calf is being used for beef, at weaning age it's called a feeder calf. A feeder become stocker steer/heifer/bull when put out on pasture, usually when it reaches around 12 months of age. The calf is called a finisher when it goes into the feedlot to be put on a "hot" ration prior to slaughter, then a slaughter bull/heifer/steer when it is sold to be slaughtered for beef. This part of the equation is primarily reserved for steers. A heifer calf is a female calf from birth. She becomes a weaned heifer when weaned, a heifer after she's gone through the weaning process, then a bred heifer when she gets pregnant for the first time. After she has had her first calf, she is called a first-calf heifer. She can also be considered a cow at this time. She will remain a cow until she dies of natural causes or illness, or is slaughtered for beef. A bull calf is a male (intact) calf from birth. He is referred to as a weanling bull when weaned, then a young bull after being weaned and is not quite a year old. He is referred to a as a yearling bull when he reaches a year old and until he turns 2 years of age. He will then be referred to as a 2-year-old bull when he reaches two. He becomes a Mature bull when he reaches full maturity by the time he's 4 to 5 years old, and remains so until he dies of natural causes or is slaughtered for beef.

Change calf to bull?


How do you change the word calf to the word bull?

Calf - Call - Cull - Bull

What is young male bovine?

Bull calf, steer calf, yearling bull, or steer.

Will the bull kill the calf if left in the herd?

What calf? Is this calf this bull calf you are concerned about in other different questions, or another calf altogether? Most cases a bull won't hurt nor kill a calf that is even male or around 4 months of age.

What is the offspring of a cow and a bull called?

The offspring of a cow and a bull is called a calf. If the calf is female, she is referred to as a heifer calf. If the calf is male, then he, unless castrated after birth, is called a bull calf. Castrated calves are called steer calves.