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There is not a specific age. Dying of old age is just a saying for when an older person's body becomes too weak to continue functioning. They don't die of illness or injury. They just fade out.

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There is no exact cutoff for this, but typically people will only say that a person "died from old age" if they were over 60 years old at the time of death.

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Can you be ten to donate a kidney to someone who is dying?

At the age of 10 you are a child and it is not legal to donate a kidney to someone.

Would a dying of a disease be considered a natural death?

No - dying of a disease would be considered just that - dying from that disease that made the person ill eg cancer.....Dying of natural causes would be like dying from a failure of an organ eg the heart from undetected/diagnosed weakness or frailty or from old age when the body lets you down through age rather than illness

What age is still considered a Minor in Georgia.?

Someone who is under the age of 18.

How do you know if your bird is dying of old age?

If it is dying of old age!

Is there an age for dying?


What is the average age of people dying in poverty?

The average age of people dying in poverty is 20.

At what age is someone considered middle age?

About 50 years old, this is also when you have the Mid-life crisis

At what age is someone considered a late in life gay person?

2 day

How young can you be but still die of old age?

It's a matter of subjectivity. What's considered old to one person may be young to someone else. But I guess generally speaking, one could consider a person at around 75 or older as dying of old age.One can never dye of old age. You could live to be 107 and still not dye of old age.

What is considered a felony 1 in Ohio?

One crime that is considered a felony-1 is rape of someone under the age of 10.

What is the age of majority in Colorado?

18 years of age is when someone is considered a "full adult" (CRS 13-22-101)

What is the legal definition of child in Texas?

Someone under the age of 18 is considered a minor.

How long does a dying cat that's dying from old age live?

really soon

What is the average age of dying?

most people die over the age of 50 or if they have an illness they might die under the age of 50 but the average of dying is 50 to how ever old you get

How old does one have to be in order to move into a Home Instead facility?

The age one has to be in order to move into a home instead of a facility is 18 years of age. This is the legal age where a minor is considered to be an adult.

What age is best for dying hair?


What does dying of natural causes mean?

dying of natural causes means you died of old age~!

Is your child still considered a minor if in high school at age 18?

Nope. When someone reaches the age of 18. he/she becomes a legal adult.

Is cybersex between someone under the age of consent in the US and someone the same age but over the age of consent in another country considered illegal if discovered by federal law enforcement?

The age of consent has little to do with it in this case. The transmission of such thing electronically indicates that you have to be over the age of 18 in the US.

Someone superannuated is considered what?

Someone who is superannuated is usually well beyond the age of retirement. In the United States, it would likely be someone older than 85 years old.

What are Signs of dying from old age?

lack of appetite

What is the average age of hair dying?


What are the requirements for annulment in Iowa?

In order to get an annulment in Iowa you have to prove that the relationship is incestuous, considered bigamy, is due to incompetence, or someone wasn't of legal age to marry. If you don't meet any of these requirements you can't get an annulment.

What at symptoms of cat dying from old age?

Any cat that is dying will want to go off into a corner by themselves.

Someone superannuated is considered?

too old to be useful. the person has gotten up in age and can no longer a use of service.

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