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With the V8 suffix to your serial number.Your Browning B25 shotgun was made in the Year 1968.

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Q: How old is Browning B25 shotgun serial no 52511V8?
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What is a Browning B25 Shotgun?


How old is my Browning B25 shotgun serial number 24231?

Browning now offers history letters. If you call them they will tell you.

What is the date of manufacture of your browning B25 80779S7 b1?

The suffix of S7 to your serial number indicates that your Browning B-25 shotgun was made in the year 1967.

Browning B25 serial number 36538S1?

You must contact Browning to find out.

What year was Browning B25 Serial No 8L4PW00189 made?


How old is your browning b25?

No way to answer the question without the serial number.

What is the date of manufacture of your browning c2g mod b25 no 325 mv 04389?

The mv letters in the serial number that you provided indicates that your browning c2g model B25 was made in 2005.

How old is a browning B25 with serial number 20360 S 73?

Check with Browning Customer Service through their website.

What year was the Browning B25 made with the serial number 42778? has a sn function under customer service.

What year was made a Browning B25 serial 35783?

If you go to the browning web site there is a help section under the customer service site that will age your browning B-25.

What is the current value of the Browning 12 gauge B25 I1 serial 8l3RP7536?

100-1500 USD depending on specifics

You need a date for a browning b25 b2g number 01350?

You will have to call Browning

What is the age of a browning B25 No 36854NR?

It was made in 1997

What year browning b25 changed stock?


When did production of browning b25 start?

Mid 80s or so.

B25 Browning engraved by Ernst L any info on him?

Browning contracts out engraving to many engravers.

How do you remove the safety catch from a browning b25?

Recommend this task be performed by a trained gunsmith.

Who is the best browning b25 Shotgun engraver?

Thiry on the game scenes and scrollwork by S. Deveux are very very good. There are many engravers still with the company, but Master such as Vranken and Funken are still favorites

Browning b25 serial nunber 8l3rp7536?

Made in 1978 First three numbers should be one of the following: 213=12 gauge 233=20 gauge 173=28 gauge 183=.410 bore

What is the age of a browning shot gun with a serial number g 1057?

is that G1057 or 1057? If the gun is a B25-: Shipping of o/u B25's started in early 1930 and by June some 1500 had been made and delivered according to Ned Schwing who wrote "The Browning Superposed" history. Early guns in good order should be quite collectable; especially if they are engraved or have unique / rare custom features like extra barrels or single triggers.

Which is the correct way to total cells B2 through B25?


What is the value of browning k grade otherwise known as a c2 over under as in new condition?

I assume you are Aussie ? The correct browning model for k grade is D4. I own a c2 and it is a F grade. Tell me more about the gun. Serial no, barrel length an style of gun. All have a huge bearing on the price. I own many b25 fm guns. I,ll help if I can. Cheers

What is the cruising speed of a B25 bomber?

230 mph

When did the b25 crash into the empire state building?

It was in the year of 1945.

What is the value of a b25 trap gun?

100-1000 USD or so