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How old is Celia Cruz?


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Celia Cruz was born on October 21, 1924 and died on July 16, 2003. Celia Cruz would have been 78 years old at the time of death or 90 years old today.


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Celia Cruz died on July 16, 2003 at the age of 78.

Celia Cruz has written: 'Celia'

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Celia Cruz died of brain cancer.

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Celia Cruz got married on July14, 1962

Celia Cruz was born on October 21, 1924.

celia cruz got married with Pedro Nai.

No. Celia Cruz sang salsa, Rumba and Mambo

Celia Cruz (the singer) was born on October 21, 1925 and died July 16, 2003. So she would have been 77 when she died.

Celia Cruz died on July 16, 2003 at the age of 78.

Celia Cruz is from Havana, Cuba and Thalia is from Mexico City, Mexico.

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Celia Cruz did get married, she married a trumpet player for her band named Pedro Knight.

Celia cruz has three other siblings sometimes she would sing them to sleep.

Simon Cruz and Catalina Alfonzo.

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Celia Cruz was born on October 21, 1924.

Celia Cruz is a Cuban salsa singer that lived from 1925 until 2003. She was one only of four children.

Celia Cruz defected to the US when Castro came to power in Cuba in 1959. She became a US citizen in 1961.

Cuban dancer Celia Cruz did not go to school for upper education. She started and finished her primary education in Cuba.

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