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Born on April 9, 1977, he is 32 years old. (2009)

33 in 2010.

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How old was Gerard when My Chemical Romance was formed?


How old is the lead singer in your chemical romance?

Gerard Way Is 30 (April 9, 1977)

How old is the chemical romance lead singer?

Gerard Way was born on the 9th of April, 1977, making him 32.

Is Teenagers by My Chemical Romance a remake of an old song?

no, it's not. Gerard Way wrote the song when he was on the subway when a bunch or kids were riding it home from school.

Who is mikey way?

Michael James Way is the current and only original bassist from My Chemical Romance. He is currently 27 years old and married to his wife Alicia (Simmons) Way. He is the younger brother of Gerard Way, the vocalist.

Who is the oldest member of my chemical romance?

The oldest member is Gerard Way who was born on April 9, 1977and is now 32 years old. He beats Ray Toro by 3 months.

How old was mikey way when chemical romance first started?

He was 21.

How old is the band your my chemical romance?

My Chemical Romance is 11 years old, it started in 2001.

Who is older Michael or Gerard Way?

Gerard Way is older than Mikey way. Mikey is 28 years old, and Gerard is 31 years old.

How old is Gerard Way?

Gerard Way is 40 years old (birthdate: April 9, 1977).

How old are all of the members of mychemical romance?

Oldest to Youngest: Gerard Way 34 Ray Toro 34 Mikey Way 31 Frank Iero 30

How old are the members of My Chemical Romance?

Frank Iero - 30 (Born: 31 Oct. 1981) Gerard Way - 35 (Born: 9 April. 1977) Mikey Way - 31 (Born: 10 Sept. 1980) Ray Toro - 35 (Born: 15 July. 1977)

How old is gerared way?

Gerard Way is 33.

How old is Gerard way 2010?

Gerard Way was born April 9, 1977 there for on April 9, 2010 he was 33 years old

How old are the guys in My Chemical Romance?

Bob Bryar is 29 (31 Dec. 1979)Frank Iero is 28 (31 Oct. 1981)Gerard Way is 32 (9 April. 1977)Mikey Way is 29 (10 Sept. 1980)Ray Toro is 32 (15 July. 1977)

How is old Gerard way?

he's 32 years old now.

Are there any famous people that have night terrors?

Gerard Way of "My Chemical Romance", H.R. Giger (the set-designer of "Alien", and the old horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft & TRAVIS PASTRANA "MX RIDER, FREESTYLIST, & RALLY CAR RACER, among other greatness AKA AMAZING "

How old was Gerard Way when he had blond heir?

he was 29

How old was Gerard Way when he wrote teenagers?


How old are the band members of your Chemical Romance?

around 20 i think

Is Dead by My Chemical Romance a remake of an old song?

go die.

How old was Gerard way when he started the band?

25 x

How old was Gerard way when he did I'm not okay?

27 or 28

Who is not married and who is married from your chemical romance?

At this moment in time they are all married Gerard Way is married to Lynz Way and have a child named Bandit Lee Way who I believe is 2 years old Frank Iero is married to Jamia Nestor and have twins called Cherry and Lily who I think are a few months old, I'm unsure how old Mikey Way is married to Alicia Simmons-Way and currently have no children I'm unsure who Ray Toro is married to but I believe he doesn't have children either

Does the lead singer of your chemical romance have a daughter?

Yup, her name's Bandit Lee Way. I think she's like... 1-2 years old?