How old is Hallie Kate?

17 years old right now since it's 2009,i know she looks like an kid but she was famous when she was young so shes now 17 it's so weird when she was in the 1998 movie Paulie she looked young that's because she was 6 years old when they filmed it.Fun Facts:
Info about Hallie Kate: Kate was born in August 4 1992

How Hallie Kate became famous: Kate began singing near a window when she was 5 years old her neighbors had heard her which made Kate feel weird and her neighbors liked it and wanted more Kate began singing more and never felt nervous.Her neighbors thought her daddy and mommy would love to hear it but sadly they didn't.After her dad moved away she started singing to her mother,Her mom didn't really want to hear her voice but when she heard it she thought it was beautiful,her mom went straight to the laptop and searched the hottest directors in town to judge Kate singing and they liked it.Kate began famous with her singing but Kate quited because she wanted to start acting and trying some things new.When the directors and her mother and their neighbors saw Kate acting everybody loved it,Kate acted in a movie in 1998 called Paulie she played a girl named Marie in little[MA] when they started filming it she was 6 years old.If u want more info just type in Hallie Kate E. or go to to watch the full video of Paulie.