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Sorry- no published SN data that I know of.

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Q: How old is Interarms Mark X 243 rifle serial number B301289?
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Can you tell from the serial numbers about an interarms rifle?

Depends on what the rifle is, and whether or not you can trace it to the actual manufacturer. Interarms was an importer and distributor - not a manufacturer.

How old is your Interarms Mark X 243 rifle serial number B55781?

No published sn data.

How old is your interarms mark X 243 rifle serial number B301213?

No published SN data I know of.

How old is interarms mark x 243 rifle serial number 208666?

No sn data in the public domain.

How old is a Alexandria interarms Virginia mark x 243 rifle serial number R38709V?

No published sn data I know of.

What is the age of an Interarms Alexandria Virginia Amadeo Rossi SA 357 rifle model number 92src serial number k002636?

No known sn data published.

Can you tell me anything on an Interarms 22 calibur rifle model number 22ATD?

Interarms did not make it. Probably chinese

How old is a Alexandra interarms mark x Virginia 243 rifle serial number R38709V?

No published sn data I have seen.

Were is the model number on the interarms 243 rifle?

Check old gun catalogs

Who can you ask to find a model number for a interarms rifle?

Old gun catalogs

What is the value of a Interarms Mark X 7MM Magnum serial A23622P in excellent condition?

With your Interarms mark X in excellent condition,you make expect the value to be between 375-500 dollars,for your bolt action rifle.

When was this rifle manufactured -Remington C12 Serial number 427990?

The serial number 4279990 is a partial serial number for this rifle. To determine the date the rifle was manufactured you need to provide a complete serial number that begins with letters.