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Why do we get old?

Well , we get old because we take in to much oxygen . Then our lungs get to tired and fail to pump oxygen and co2 (carbon dioxide) round our bodies. Then we die. Their are also many other possible situations that could cause ones so called death, or passing. The human heart, just like the lungs g ( Full Answer )

Who is old?

Who is old?. Tricky question huh.... An person could call themselves old when they been through alot in life and they have seen too much in life. Those are the people that I wouls say can call themselves old.

What can you do when you get old?

During the aging process, people who are healthy can stillgenerally do most of the same things they did when young, includingphysical activities. Older people may have more aches and pains,and difficulties with activities, especially if they had priorinjuries.

Does joe like mitchie in camp rock?

In the movie, Joe does like Mitchie (her real name is Demi, andJoe's name was Shane). In real life, they are only friends.

Did Shane and Mitchie kiss in Camp Rock?

Yes, they filmed a kiss on the cheek, but they didn't end up keeping it in the movie. i heard it got cut because she got hate mail

In camp rock what does mitchie want to learn?

Mitchie, at first, wants to learn how to be popular. She wants to fit in, and be considered "cool". In the end, all she really wanted to learn was to discover her true self, which she did at Camp Rock.

How old is old?

For humans, old is usually when you are 2/3 through your expectedlifespan. Subjectively, someone can be "old" if they are part of anearlier generation. (To kids, all adults may seem old.) For things, a person may consider them old when they are obsolete,or when they were built or constructed before ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to be old?

There is no clear answer, some youngins are old and some oldins are young. Another opinion: At least 80. On the lighter side. This answer was kindly dedicated to Lazarus

How do you get old?

Getting older happens to everyone, starting as a newborn! Really!Aging is a lifelong process. As we age, our bodies change. By age30-40, many "youthful" features begin to change. Men and womenoften put on more weight. Women and men over 50-60 often noticethinning hair on their heads. Skin loses elas ( Full Answer )

What is old?

Old is an adjective that can mean not new, or (for people andanimals) nonspecifically elderly, aged. It can also mean previous,or superseded (e.g. old methods ). Old can be a negativeattribute (old shoes, old roof) or a positive attribute (old coins,antique furniture). Sometimes it is too vague an ( Full Answer )

When you are old?

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and just not think about your age. - Lucille Ball

What is old are you?

Old is when you become more lazy and gorw white hair. In other words when you grow up.80

Why Does Mitchie and Caitlyn not take part in final jam in camp rock?

because tess accuses them of stealing her bracelet. tess out the bracelet in mintchies bag or summin and they found it there so shanes uncle said they cant do final jam. they preform after final jam because technically they are not preforming in final jam lol x

What is OLDE?

The word "olde" is an archaic English spelling of "old." It isoften used as an affected form, as in "Ye Olde English Pub."

What is Camp Rock 2 really about I have heard 2 versions -- Caitlyns cousin come to Camp Rock and Tess uses him to break up Shane and Mitchie or There is a rival camp called Camp Star?

hey, camp rock 2 is about a rival camp, camp star. the new camp stealing some of the students and workers in camp rock. im not sure what is happening with Shane and mitchie though. also nick is playing nate and he has a bit of a romeo and Juliet romance with camp star's manager's daughter, Dana Dana ( Full Answer )

Will mitchie and Shane ever be together?

see if you don't now mitchi is demi lovato and Shane is Joe Jonas and no demi says that Joe or any of the Jonas brothers is not the man kind that she loves so they was just acting

How old can you get to?

It varies with everyone. Some people can live to be 80, and some live shorter or longer. It really depends on your health.

How you get old?

you get a little old every day. When you are a child you grow up. And when you are a adult you get more older. when you get to old your body starts to hurt.

How old is a thirteen year old?

A thirteen year old is 13 years old. Unless they are from China (or another country which uses adjusted age). In the United States (and more than likely most of Europe, Canada, etc) age is typically counted on the first birthday with the birth age starting at 0, so when you have lived for 12 mo ( Full Answer )

How old is Sigismund I the Old?

Sigismund I the Old was born on January 1, 1467 and died on April 1, 1548. This would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 543 years old today.

How old was Seth in the Old Testament?

According to Genesis, Seth was 912 years old when he died. This follows a standard formula used for most of the legendary characters in Genesis: 5x9 + 51x17 [3x17x17]. (For comparison, Adam's age is given as 950, which is 7x9 + 51x17.)

What is the mitchie conflict in in camp rock?

Mitchie doesn't really steal anything or do anything bad, but Tess pretends she stole her charm bracelet, then Mitchie is banned from the Final Jam, until the end.

How old is an old cat?

The oldest cat in modern records was 38 years old (1967-2005). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most cats can live up to an age of 14 or 15. My cat, who died a fewyears ago, was 18 which is really old for a cat. Cats can breed ( Full Answer )

How old is a person when old?

Numbers really have nothing to do with "age" as far as I'm concerned unless your body begins to age. Your mental state keeps you young in mind, and soul. Outside sources (like alcohol and drugs, and smoking) cause the body to change). But if your healthy and keep busy, play with kids or animals, and ( Full Answer )

How old are girls when they are old?

Same as men and that is completely individual and cultural. A small child once said I was old when I was 15. It seems silly being 50 years or older today. What you feel is what you are I think. A 99 year-old woman told me once she felt like she was 17 inside. Imagine how depressing if someone then k ( Full Answer )

Old hats old hats?

This question was not answered before... Probably because this does not makle sence plez edit this and then I will be happy to answer this. -Thanks:) Ms.USA

How old do you have to be to die from old age?

It differs from person-person & there are many variables such as lifestyle & genetics that come into play. As a general rule, women live longer & all people are living longer than they used to.

How old is too old to get a license?

It depends on the individual. Age is not important; ability is important. A person must be capable of operating a vehicle safely. As long as an older person continues to function and operate a vehicle safely, he or she can maintain a license.

How old do you have to be to be considered 'old'?

"Old" is typically in the eye of the beholder. A 15-year-old will think 40 years is old while that 40-year-old will think 80 is old. The famous quotation is "you are only as old as you think you are."

Does mitchie and Shane like each other?

oh yes they do in real life they were dating but they broke up you know how i know that she is my best friend like Selena Gomez is my other best friend i met them in pre-k you beter believe that

What can you do if you get old?

put honey on your wrinkles and let the honey sit on your skin for 1hour and rinse it off in hot water and lay on silk for 5 minutes... it really worked i tried it and i look like im 28 when im 53

How old are you?

To determine how old you are, you have to do a simple subtraction. - If you have had your birthday already this year: subtract the year you were born from the current year (e.g. 2015 - 1952 = 63 so you turned 63 on your birthday this year. - If you have not yet had your birthday this year: subtra ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Mitchie Brusco been in?

Mitchie Brusco has: Played Skateboarder in "The Naked Brothers Band" in 2007. Played Mitchie Brusco in "The Naked Brothers Band" in 2007. Performed in "Next X" in 2009. Played himself in "Conan" in 2010. Played himself in "5-Incher" in 2012.

What has the author Michael J Brusco written?

Michael J. Brusco has written: 'Branch-and-bound applications in combinatorial data analysis' -- subject(s): Branch and bound algorithms, Combinatorial analysis

What has the author Elizabeth E Brusco written?

Elizabeth E. Brusco has written: 'Missionaries of \\' -- subject(s): Women in religion, Evangelicalism, Pentecostal women, Women missionaries, Pentecostalism

Why we get old?

We get old so we can move on to the next life or make room forothers coming.

Why am I old?

Life goes by very quickly. We get wrapped up in our everyday thingsand before we know it, 10, 20, 30 years have gone by.