How old is Noah Ringer?

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Teen actor and martial artist Noah Ringer is 21 years old (birthdate: November 18, 1996).
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How old was Noah?

A: The ages associated with Noah at key points in his life fall into two groups - numbers that were easy for the tradents to remember when handing the story down orally, and that based on the magic number 17. According to the Bible, Noah was 500 years old when his first son was born. He was 600 ( Full Answer )

How old is Noah now?

The Bible states that Noah was 600 year old when the flood began.It says that he lived another 350 years after. Genesis 9 recordshis death at 950 years old.

How old was Noah when he built the ark?

Noah was 600 years old when the flood started (Genesis 7:6), and we also know that he already had his sons (he had them after turning 500 - Genesis 5:32) when God spoke to him (God mentions his taking his wife, sons and daughter-in-laws with him, when He tells of His plan with the ark - Genesis 6:18 ( Full Answer )

Why was Noah so old?

Wel,l Noah was old just because he was old. He wasn't purposely made that way. We all age. God probably picked Noah to build the Ark because he was old and wise. Remember, old people aren't as boring as you think. Listen to their stories.

How old is Noah cryus?

9. He Is a crazy 9 year old how went to jail.. hgfgcdfhhth 9 ffhthh dfhtdh fht ry nsgthhyhdt

How old is Zoe Noahs bff?

Zoey's bday is January 9th and Noah's is January 8th And they are both 9 years old!!! I have learned everything about them I even have a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!Seee!!!!!!!

How old is Noah Webster?

Noah Webster was born on October 16, 1758 and died on May 28, 1843. Noah Webster would have been 84 years old at the time of death or 256 years old today.

How old was Noah when he made the Ark?

According to Genesis , Noah was exactly 600 years old when he completed the Ark and the rains came, and died when he was just 950 years old.

How old is Noah cirus?

Noah Cirus is born in 2000 year 8 of january. 10 years old now ( 2010)

How old is Noah Beery Sr.?

Noah Beery Sr. was born on January 17, 1882 and died on April 1, 1946. Noah Beery Sr. would have been 64 years old at the time of death or 133 years old today.

How old is Trevor Noah?

Comedian and TV host Trevor Noah is 33 years old. He was bornFebruary 20, 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

How old was NOAH when the flood stop?

According to Genesis, 601. This is at least internally consistent with the flood occurring after the death of Methuselah, as if you add up the reported ages of Methuselah when his son Lamech was born and Lamech when his son Noah was born, you come up with Methuselah being about 369 when Noah was bor ( Full Answer )

How old was Noah when he departed the ark?

Noah was 601 yrs old, and while i am at it will someone tell me please tell me ,if all living things living today are decendents of those on Noah"S Ark where the hell did he get Kangaroos when Australia was not even on any map and the world was flat and the center of universe?>>?"REMEMBER? "lol."

How tall is Noah ringer?

He is 5'0 when he filmed The Last Airbender. Maybe he gets taller by now.

Where does Noah ringer live?

he's from Dallas texas...not sure if he still lives there but most likely he does.

Was Noah 900 years old?

One thought: According to the Bible, Noah was 500 years old when he startedhaving children (Genesis 5:32), 600 years old when the flood came(Genesis 7:6),and 950 years old when he died (Genesis 9:28-29).Mankind was supposed to have lived forever, but Adam's sin endedthat for now. So, yes, according ( Full Answer )

Does Noah ringer want a girlfriend?

yes he has .she is in India . her name is dheeptha.m who is 12 her id is she is my friend i keep on sending her messages you can ask about noah ringer to her if u want

Who is Noah ringers parents?

I know that Noah's mom's name is Stacy, but I don't know what his dad's name is. Since Mrs. Ringer went with Noah to film the movie, you could find out her name, but his dad didn't so I don't know.

What is noah ringer favorite food?

His fav food is a fresh fruit bowl and don't ask me how I know that. He goes to taekwando with me and he's my neighbor.

Is Noah Ringer cute?

well it depends on the person for most people he is one of the cutest thirteen year old boy in the world of Hollywood

Is Noah ringer single?

Of course he is. As of September 1, 2010, Noah Ringer is 13. (He was born on November 18, 1996.)

Is Noah Ringer wearing a bald cap in The Last Airbender?

Noah ringer is not wearing a bald cap in the last airbender movie if you go to and write aang for a day behind the scene of the last airbender.You will see that they actually shave his head.

Does Noah Ringer sing?

He sings, but that isn't what he does for a living. Noah Ringer is a famous child actor.

What hite is Noah ringer?

Noah Ringer is a 13 year old actor who has a first degree black belt in ty kwondo he is the world chanpion at his age he also play's the roll of aang in the movie The Last Airbender his next project is a roll in the 2011 movie Cowboys And Aliens i am noah ringers ULTIMATE fan and nobody can take tha ( Full Answer )

Will Noah ringer still act?

Yes, Noah Ringer has been in movies since Avatar the Last Airbender. One of these movies was Cowboys vs. Aliens.

How old is Noah from Soul Eater?

Noah isn't really a person. He's a physical embodiment of the lessons in the Book of Eibon. Like the one who captures kid is greed and the second one is rage. When you first meet rage, he looks identical to the noah of greed, so basically they don't age.

Is Noah ringer a millionaire?

Very doubtful, especially since child actors are not payed as much as adult actors, and he has only been part of the cast for two movies.

Does Noah ringer have any siblings?

yes Noah ringer has a sibling Noah ringer's sibling is a girl her name is maisa ringer. Me and her brother are real good friends. FROM the girl who rote this her name is Melissa vazquez

Does Noah Ringer ever had a girlfriend?

No not that anyone knows of. Some girl keeps claiming to be his girlfriend, but I highly doubt it. She's just doing that to get attention.

How old is noah seskin?

noah seskin right here in 2011 on July 16 2011 he is now 9 years old he's turning 10 in September 30 2011

How old is Noah Beery Jr.?

Noah Beery Jr. was born on August 10, 1913 and died on November 1, 1994. Noah Beery Jr. would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 101 years old today.

How much and old ringer washer is worth?

You don't say anything about the condition and you don't give any photos. It could be worth as much as $150 or as little as $20.

Who knows noah ringer very well?

Noah Ringer is an actor who has been in several movies over the years. Most famously, he played Ang in The Last Air Bender. The people who might know him best are his close friends and family. It's not known if anyone famous knows him very well.