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How old is The Allspark in the Transformers movies?

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According to the voice-over, Optimus Prime, at the very beginning of the movie, the cube is from "before time began."

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What is the real name for the cube in the transformers movies?

The Allspark

When did The Allspark land on Earth in transformers?

According to the movie, "Transformers", the Allspark had been on the Earth for four million years. The Allspark had been put on the Earth by a wormhole.

In transformers autobot for ds how do you get the allspark from magatron?

hit him in the back and will drop the allspark

The name of the cube in transformers?

The Allspark

How do you give allspark to optimus in the Nintendo ds game?

how do you give the allspark to optimus in transformers autobots for the ds

Codes for transformers battle of the allspark v2?

the code is 091784

Were to get G1starscream transformers decepticons ds?

beat allspark wars

What are cheat codes for transformers decepticons?

play allspark wars to get cheats

What is the cube in the transformers movie?

the allspark is what creates worlds and makes life

What do you do on the transformers game when you get the allspark from megatrone?

Pick it up and run to optimus

What were the Autobots and Decepticons fighting over in the 2007 Transformers movie?

the allspark

Where is the gunner on transformers ds autobot?

it is not on any levels, you have to play allspark wars to get it.

My transformers decepticons nds allspark wars is not working what do you do?

go sue yourself

Can transformers be repaired or rebuilt?

Transformers can be repaired by the Allspark as seen in the first movie. Barricade's minion is rebuilt when he is broken to pieces.

How do you use alspark wars in transformers decepticons?

To use allspark war, you need Nintendo wifi

Why do Transformers Autobots codebreaker codes not work?

because you need to play allspark wars to unlock them

How can you connect WiFi for transformers autobots Nintendo ds for allspark wars?

you have to be close to a searching point.

Does Jazz from Transformers come back alive in Transformers 3?

think so cause it said Rachet took a peice of the Allspark and used it on Jazz

How do you defeat megatron on transformers ds?

To defeat megatron all you have to do is first knock the allspark out of is hands by fighting him and then get the allspark and hit megatron with it and it will kill him but then you have to be optimus and fight megatron untill dead

Can you have the jet in transformers autobots without go to the Target store?

yes by wifi thing(allspark wars)

How will Jazz come back in Transformers 3?

Ratchet stabs the piece of Allspark in him and he comes back to life.

How do you connect to allspark wars on transformers decepticons?

Go onto wifi then connect, but they may have taken the servers down

How do you get a jet on transformers ds?

Get 2500 wifi tokens on allspark wars and you will get Skydive (Autobots), or G1 Starscream (Decepticons).

What order are the Transformers movies in?

Transformers Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Transformers: Dark of the Moon

How do you kill starscream in transformers decepticons?

you need to get behind him and hit him several times then you pick up the allspark and you press A when you are facing him