How old is Vladimir tod in real life?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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according to the book, he was 16 when it ended and that was 20 years ago so now he is 36

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Q: How old is Vladimir tod in real life?
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How old was Vladimir Tod when his parents died?


Is the book Vladimir Tod real?

I don't know about you, but I think he is a real person, so yes.:)

Who was Vladimir Tod's mom?

Melina Tod

Who is Vladimir Tod's mother?

It is Melina Tod

Who wrote the chronicles of Vladimir Tod?

The author of "The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod is Heather Brewer!

What is the 5th book of Vladimir tod?

The fifth book is: The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: 12th Grade Kills

What is Bathory in the chronicles of Vladimir Tod?

Bathory is the name of the town that Vladimir Tod lives in with his Aunt Nelly.

What is on the cover of the second Vladimir tod book?

Vlad in a black hoodie and a shirt with a blue Vladimir Tod sign

How many books are in the series of The Chronicles Of Vladimir Tod?

There are five books that compose The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Series.

Does Vladimir tod die in the books?


Where does Vladimir tod live?


Who plays as Vladimir in the vladimir tod movie series?

There is no movie series.