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How old is WWE superstar The Miz?

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The Miz is 30 years old

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If you mean is The Miz a superstar for WWE then yes he is he is curently a superstar for WWE's RAW brand

yeah he is what a ? lol

No, the Miz is not a muslim. Where ever you heard this, it's fake.

No, she is currently dating WWE Superstar, Miz.

john cena randy orton the miz and chris jerhico

Hottest superstar: The Miz Hottest diva: Kelly Kelly

No he is not married but is currently dating MAryse

His real name is Michael Gregory Mizanin.

his real name is mike mizanin.

the miz or cm punk and the new nexus

Kelly Kelly... has liked the miz before... usually men like her, but she doesn't like them.(except for the miz)

Yes The Miz has Facebook here is his official page

no they are not related. alex riley is just his NXT rookie and the miz wanted to help him become a wwe superstar.

Depends on which superstar are you on about not all wwe superstars have the same age

l came to play by downstrait. That is from 2010

i believe in wwe 12 it is alberto del rio the miz cm punk daniel bryan and sheamus

Maryse ( Ouellet ) is currently engaged to Michael Gregory " Mike " Mizanin, also known as WWE Superstar The Miz.

superstar edge and wrestler edge is 30 years old

The Miz was a WWE champion does that answer it .

Yes, Maryse Ouellet is married to WWE superstar The Miz (Mike Mizanin). They married in February of 2014.

the Miz Defended the WWE Title

the miz is 28. he was born october 8 1980. I thought the Miz's birthday was October 11, I watched and episode of raw and the date was the 11th and they said it was his birthday.

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