How old is Yugi Mutou?

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i don't think it is ever mentioned in the manga or anime. all i know is that his birthday is june 4 (found out on yugioh wiki) and he's a high school student. junior in high school, maybe? i don't think he's a freshman and i'm pretty sure he's not a senior. he's the same age as the rest of his friends, so however old they are...

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Q: How old is Yugi Mutou?
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Does yugi love tea?

Yugi Mutou does, and Atem doesn't.

When is yugi mutou's birthday?

June 4th.

What is yu-gi-oh's real name?

the other yugi's name is Atem. Yugi Mutou & Yami Yugi (Atem).

Does anyone notice the physical transformation that yugi mutou undergoes in yugioh?

The physical transformation is for our benefit. Some other characters note that he looks like a different person while dueling.

How old is Yugi Motou?

Yugi was born June 4 and he is 16

How old is yugi muto?

In the beginning of the anime series "Yu-Gi-Oh!" , Yugi Moto is about 15 years old. By the time it ends, Yugi is 16 years old.

How old is yugi after fifth season?

Yugi is about 27 10 years later (after season 5)

How old is Yami Yugi?

He himself is actually a 5000 year old spirit.

Who are the characters in yu-gi-oh?

well, that's alot to say. i can start you off with a few, yugi mutou, yami yugi, joey wheeler, tea gardener, Tristan Taylor, ryou bakura, seto kaiba, marik ishtar, ishizu ishtar, rex raptor, weevil Underwood, yami bakura, shadi, mai valentine, jaden yuki, and and hopefully others will improve.

In Yu-Gi-Oh How old is yugi moto now?

36 years old here is my proof yugi was apparently 15 in the normal yu gi oh and that was in the year 2000 in episode 74 of 5d's it shows that it is the year 2021 so yugi is 36

Who is better jaden or yugi?


Who is better yugi or yusei?


Who wins when Jaden Yugi and Yugi Moto duel?

Yugi Moto wins.

Where is yami yugi on yugi oh nightmare troubadour?

You just find him randomlly sometime's it will be Yugi moto sometime's Yami yugi

What is a name of a cartoon character that starts with letter Y?

Yogi Bear. Yosemite Sam. Yugi Mutou (Yu-Gi-Oh) Yensid (Fantasia) Disney spelled backwards. Yao (Mulan). Yar (Dinosaur). Yen Sid (Fantasia). Yzma (The Emperors new clothes).

Sonic vs yugi?

of course yugi

Yugi Vs Jaden who won?


How old is yugi?

In the first episodes Yugi is 16 or 17. Joey, Tristan, Yugi, Tea, Bakura and Kaiba are at the same age, because they're all at the same grade in school. 10th grade. And the story goes over 2 years, so at the end Yugi is 18 or 19.

Does yugi muto have a girlfriend?

No yugi is gay with yami

Who is better yusei or yugi moto?

yugi can beat yusei anytime. yugi moto is the strongest.

Who is the creator of yami yugi and yugi moto?

The creaters of Yami Yugi/Yugi moto Is also the creater of Yu-Gi-Oh! itself. Kazuki Takahashi.

Why does Yugi yell Yu-Gi-Oh when he transforms into Yami Yugi?

'Yugi' means 'game' and 'Oh' means 'King', so Yami Yugi, or 'Dark' Yugi, is making Little Yugi scream 'Game King!', kind of like how a werewolf howls when it transforms into a wolf.

What happen in the last episode of yu-gi-oh?

yugi moto battles yami yugi but yugi moto beats RA,SLITHER and OBLISEK and yugi wins!

Who is better yusei or yugi?

yusei is better than yugi moto, but yami yugi is better than yusei.

What color is yugi hair?

blond red and blackgoogle yugi