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How old is a 10 GA W Richards dam twist black powder cart double barrel two hammer two trigger?

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2009-11-16 01:47:45
2009-11-16 01:47:45

You may have some success at the shotgun world website, ( there is a vast network of collectors and shotgun experts there that may be able to help

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Early revolvers were single action- you had to cock the hammer manually, then pull the trigger. An example would be the Colt Peacemaker. A double action revolver (such as a S&W 357 magnum- Mdl 66) can be fired by pulling the trigger. Trigger pull, by itself, will cause the hammer to rise and fall. OR- the hammer may be cocked, and then the trigger pulled. A "DAO" or double action only, the hammer cannot be cocked, and the gun must be fired by pulling the trigger.

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