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You will have to call Browning.


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350-650 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

your browning bar which was made in 1990 is selling for between 400-600 dollars depending on the overall condition of your rifle.

The Contender is manufactured in pistol and rifle formats. Below is a breakdown of the individual parts in both:Pistol:.223 14" - $404.26.357 12" - $256.42.44 Rem Mag 14" - $293.05.35 Rem Mag - unknownRifle:.233 23" - $235.00.357 - n/a.44 Rem Mag - n/a.35 Rem Mag - n/aFrame: PistolBlack with walnut grips - $363.06Stainless Encore with synthetic grips - $349.51Frame: RifleStainless with synthetic stock and grip - $379.06Blued with walnut stock and grip - $387.67

7MM Weatherby Mag.The Remington model 700 classic was first offered in 22-250,6mm Rem,243Win,270Win,30-06,and 7mm mag from 1978-1985.the first limited edition classic was the 257 Roberts in 1982,300H&H(1983),250Sav(1984)350Rem mag(1985)264Rem mag(1986)338 Win Mag(1987)35 Whelen(1988)300 Wby Mag(1989)25-06 Rem(1990)7mm Web Mag(1991)220 Swift(1992)222 Rem(1993)6.5x55 Swedish(1994)300 Win Mag(1995)375H&H(1996)280 Rem(1997)8mm Rem Mag(1998)17 Rem(1999)223 Rem(2000)7mm-08(2001)221 Rem Fireball(2002)300 Sav.(2003)8mm Mauser(2004)308Win.(2005).I hope that you find this informative.

Mine was made by Remington.

Your browning BAR which was made in 1981 is currently valued at between 450-650 dollars depending on the overall condition of the firearm.

Many custom and commercial companies. has Winchester sn data

The 7mm Ultra Mag is a Remington cartridge. THE model 70 is a Winchester rifle. Winchester does not chamber the Model 70 For the 7mm Rem. Ultra Mag cartridge.

Yes the locking lug can be ground down on the rem barrel to fit the receiver with a dremel tool.

Value about $300-500, depending on condition, and the exact model. There were Several Mdl 111's in 7mm Mag.

Rem Koolhaas is 66 years old (birthdate: November 17, 1944).

No because the barrel is made for that specific caliber and will not wear out the barrel.

Are you asking what is the maximum range a 44 magnum projectile will go when fired?

NO! the cases are very different. mammia mia

federal premium trophy bonded tips 160g

I am aware of only the following calibers in the B78: 22 250; 6mm Rem, 7mm Rem Mag; 30 06 and 45 70.

You will have to state your intended use.

Around 50 different calibers, anything from a .17 Rem to a 458 Winchester mag.

I have had good success with Federal rifle ammo.

Depends n which version of the 700 and condition. Around $500-$750

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