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Was produced around 1916.

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double action colt revolvers 1905 - 1978 Serial # 507493 made about 1925

Its the very first double digit number. And very smallest double digit too. It was the number of Maradona and its the number of Messi in football. In cricket its the number of Sachin Tendulkar.

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

if you double it and then half it, you get the same number again. Mind officially blown.

I found a Colt army special with that serial number being made about 1916.Don.t know the value though it would depend on it's condition.

this is the same serial number as mine,,model# 7424 frame size K model 10 5in barrel,,, would like to know the year of mine,, and why the open trigger guard,

It depends if it is single action, or double action, or safety hammerless, I have a double action 32 with exterior hammer, serial # 22173 to 43405 was made from 1882 to 1883 serial # 43406 to 282,999 was made from 1883 to 1909

Need a detailed description of all markings, number of rounds the cylinder holds, type of action, etc..

you will have to provide the makers name and serial number.........................

number 7 is a special number because it is my b-day

An 1877 Colt lightning double action revolver with that serial number would be 110 years old, made in 1902.

Impossible to answer without a serial number. Call S&W

If it is a Colt new police .32,it was produced around 1902

there is nothing special about the number seven it was probably random or the creators fa number

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