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You have already identified it as a Shapleigh's King Nitro. Shapleigh Hardware was in St Louis Missouri from the mid 19th century until the middle of the 20th. Their King Nitro guns were manufactured by W.H. Davenport and later by Stevens/Savage.

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Q: How old is a Shapleigh King Nitro shotgun?
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How old would a king nitro shotgun with the serial number 2397 be?

70-100 years

Who was the manufacturer of a double barrel shotgun with a windmill and the word nitro etched into barrel?

I HAD AN OLD GUN SIMILAR TO THE ONE YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND IT WAS MANUFACTURED BY A COMPANY CALLED SHAPLEIGH IF MY MEMOERY SERVES ME CORRECT Is it a windmill or possibly the Perone, an oblisk similar to the Washington Monument? That would be a Belgian proofmark. Shapleigh was a hardware wholesale/retail business that had its tradename guns manufactured by several manufacturers. "Nitro" would indicate the gun could safely fire the smokeless or white powder which was developed around 1900.

How old is a lefever nitro special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun ser 279929 and approx value?

The best that I can do is say that the Lefever Nitro special was made from 1921-1948.

How old is Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun serial L30375?

The Lefever was mfg. in 1935.

What kind of ammo can you use in a Nitro-Hunter 12ga double barrel?

HAVE IT CHECKED OVER BY A GUNSMITH FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! It is an old shotgun.

How old is a Central Arms double barrel hammer shotgun?

Known tradename used by Shapleigh Hardware. The guns were made by several different manufacturers, although your double is probably a Crescent. 1900-1930.

How old is king nitro 22 calaber with hex barrel 20 shot pump.?

older than you

Lefever Arms company shotgun It's a Lefever Nitro Special The Seriaa number is 141098 how old is it?

Your shotgun was manufactured in 1923, by Ithica Guns which took over the Lefever brand when they acquired the corporation in 1916.

How old is a lefever nitro special double barrel shotgun serial number S248172 made in Ithca New York at the Lefever Arms company?


How old is Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun serial 280306?

The shotguns were manufactured by Ithaca from 1921 through 1947. Yours was manufactured in 1928.

Who was the old John Morrison?

johnny nitro

How old is your triumph shotgun?

My Triumph shotgun is seventy-six years old.

How old to own a shotgun?

You have to be 18 years old, to legally own a shotgun.

How old is LeFever Arms Co Ithaca NY Nitro Special 28 double barrel shotgun with ducks engraved on the side sn112742. What is it worth?

I can say that the LeFever Nitro Special was made from 1921-1948.I do not know if the serial numbers by year of production are available in the public domain.You may have the Grade A field model due to the engraved ducks on the side.These were made from 1934-1942.Barrel length was available from 26in.-32in,of which your shotgun fits.

How old and what is the value of my fathers Lefever nitro special 16 side byside serial number 135985?

Based on the serial number, your shotgun was manufactured in 1923. Without knowing the condition and other options, a value cannot be determined,

What is the value of a Davidson side by side double barrel shotgun made in Spain with nitro proof Davidson firearms company greensboro nc stamping approximately 40 years old in very good condition?


How do you identify the model of an old Remington shotgun?

How do you identify the model of an old Remington shotgun with ser # 232022

How old is lefever nitro special 20 ga 162390?


How old do you have to own a shotgun in england?

In England you must be at least 14 years old to obtain a Firearms Certificate which allows you to own a shotgun. A shotgun can be obtained under the age of 14 with a Shotgun Certificate signed by a parent.

How old is a Iver Johnson shotgun serial 98404 and its value?

How old is a Iver Johnson shotgun serial 98404 and its value

How old is your ted Williams model 300 shotgun?

how old is my ted Williams model 300 shotgun with serial NUMBER273.2500

How old is your new England firearms shotgun?

how old is my new England firearms 410 shotgun ser# NR-378884

How old is a N. R. Davis and Sons shotgun stamped with Ajax?

This shotgun is in the neighborhood of 100 years old. There is fairly extensive information online available on this shotgun.

What is the origin and value of an old Nitro King shotgun?

Nitro King was a trade name sold by Sears Roebuck and H&D Folsom Sporting Goods. Manufactured by Crescent Firearms, Norwich, CT, c. 1905-15. You can invent any history you want for the last 90-100 years, 'cause no one was keeping track of it. It most likely has fluid steel barrels and could still be used as a field gun, if approved by an experienced gunsmith. But if it has a side-hammer, it probably also has a twist-steel barrel and should be a mantle decoration now. Should be worth about $50-$75 for either use.

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