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Winchester did not make a model 96 shotgun,they did make a model 97 shotgun however.

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Your winchester model 96 over/under shotgun is valued at between 375-600 dollars for a shotgun with 60%-95% original finish remaining and a good bore.These shotguns were made by winchester between the years 1976-1982.They are often referred to the poor mans model 101 shotgun.

what is the value of a Winchester model 96 in very good condition? .20 ga o/u w/ 28" bbl, full and modified chokes

your sears shotgun was made by savage arms.There model number was savage model 96.

Can't be answered without the serial number.

96 top range I have no clue sorry hehehehehehheheheheheheheh

What you have is actually a Model "94" versus a "winchester 96". Serial number 1187172 was manufactured in the latter part of the year 1938. Bert H.

Greetings: The Model 96 was made from the 1970's to the early 80's and is referred to as the poor man's Model 101. Value will be based on the grade, condition, gauge, barrel lengths, how they are choked. I know there was a plain Jane field model basically choked for hunting (f/M). Others were set up for skeet shooting, etc., and this seems to affect market value of the piece. Dave

It was an inexpensive single shot. Also sold by Sears. Worth about $75-$100 if in very good condition.

The Daisy model 96 is a 700 shot BB rifle that was made between 1963 -1973

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It was made from 1963 to 1973

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A 96 Corsica uses OBD2 as required by law for 96 model years. Use an OBD2 Scanner.

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It is impossible to tell who made it from the information you provided.

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Make, model, condition. We need all 3 factors.

Your J C Higgins model 20 shotgun was made for Sears roebuck and the High Standard firearms company.The High standard model 200 and your firearm are one and the same firearm.The High Standard model 200 was a part of a Promotional package beginning in 1971.It could be bought as a package with a zippered gun case,A plastic trigger lock,and G-96 gun lubricant.A model 200 high standard shotgun having between 60%-90% of its original finish remaining,will bring between 90-125 dollars.

depends on if the v-tech engine was made for 93 to 96 modles or for 96 to 98 modles

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