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How old is a girl if they weigh 8.4 stones?


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It is impossible to decide how old someone is by how much they weigh. This is because of the height variation between each individual.


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6 stones is 84 pounds. (stones x 14 = pounds).

That is the average weight. I am 13 and weigh 78 lbs. I am underweight, but not that much

Well, I'm 15 and I'm 5 feet, 2 inches tall. I have an eating disorder and I weigh 84 pounds. A healthy 15 year old girl should weigh 120-ish.

No im 5 foot 2 and i weigh that much and my doctor says im fine

84 pounds well I'm 5'9" and i weigh 117, so probably at least 100 lbs.

If you are a boy, you should weigh at least 84 pounds.

A 4-year-old is overweight if he weighs 84 pounds. On average, a 4 year old boy should weigh about 35 pounds.

6 stones = 6 x 14 lbs = 84 lbs

well it depends on height and other details. eg 5ft2 and weighs 80-84 pounds is only 5 to 6 stone so maybe.

Im ten and i weigh 81 I'd say that is underweight and 13 years should weigh about 93 lbs.

Yes, but a little skinny. I am 5'2 and weigh 122 and everyone tells me ALL THE TIME how skinny I am. But as long as she is healthy and happy with herself:)

The agridge weight for an 11 year old girl that is 4 feet and 10 inches and i weigh 84 punds and i fit into size 12 jeans Emm that's a load of rubbish it means ur fat x

multiply 84 by 2.2 then divide the answer by 1484 kilograms is equivalent to 13.2277 stone and 185.188 pounds.

she should weigh about 69 to 84 but if your weight over u might wanna go to the doc. and let them put u to sleep and they take some weight out of ya but u got to do tat if ur like 89 pounds take my ansers but if HE should weigh he would weigh 84 to76

The moon does not weigh 84 pounds, nor will it ever. However: 84 / 1.6 = 52.5

Ronaldo weigh between 172-185 pounds (78-84 kg).

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