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how old is a glenfield model 10 serial 27516957?

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Q: How old is a glenfield model 10 serial 27516974?
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How old is a glenfield model 60 caliber 22 with the serial number 24292703?


How old is a 22 cal Glenfield Model 10 serial number 26591559?


How old is a glenfield model 30 AB27036?

The AB prefix to your serial number indicates that your glenfield was made by the marlin firearms company in 1966.

How old is a Glenfield Model 75?

If it has no serial number, before 1968. Otherwise, subtract the first two numbers of the serial number from 2000.

there is no serial number on a glenfield model 70 at least 45 years old?

Firearms were not required by law to have serial numbers until Congress passed the gun control act of 1968.Begining in 1969 all firearms were required to have serial numbers.Chances are that your Glenfield model 70 does not have a serial number.

How old is a Glenfield model 10 22 caliber rifle serial number 2661XXXX?


Where can I find the serial number on an old Glenfield Model 20 22Cal rifle?

The serial number is on the left side close to breachthe first two number on most mod 20 is the year of manufacture.

How old and how much is a glenfield model 25 cal 22 serial number 26590858 worth?

60-70s; 10-125 USD or so

How old is a glenfield mod 50 12ga?

I have a Glenfield Model 50 that i purchased new in 1969 or 1970,there about.

How old is a glenfield model 20?

Were made from 1960 to 1966

What is the age of your Marlin Glenfield Model 20 serial 72398521?

Databases listing firearms by serial number are not available for public access, so this question can not be specifically answered. However, the Marlin Model 20 was manufactured from 1960 to 1966, meaning any firearm of that model would be between 53 and 59 years old.

What is the age of a glenfield model 30a 30 30?

its easy to find out how old your 30a is just subtract the first to numbers of the serial number from 100 for example the serial number on mine starts with 22 so mine was made in 1978

Where is the serial number located on the Old Style Marlin Glenfield model 60 22 rifle?

The Marlin mod 60 was introduced in 1960 and yours may not have a serial number on it. Serials were not required on .22's prior to the 1968 Gun Control Act.

Looking for parts for a Glenfield Model 60 auto loader?

Call Marlin Parts and Service, 800-544-8892. You'll need to provide model and serial number. If gun too old, they'll refer to companies that may have older parts.

How old would a Glenfield Mod 50 12 gauge bolt action shotgun be and where would you find the serial number?


How old is a marlin model 1893 serial?

Need serial #

Where can you find a new bolt for a Glenfield Model 25?

There is an old style and a new style. Which do you need?

How old is Winchester 3030 serial?

How old is the Model 94 Winchester 3030 serial 4554129?

How old is my model 94 serial?

You must provide the serial number

How old Winchester model 97 serial?

No serial number provided.

How old is glenfield model 10 rifle 22?

My father-in-law has one and he said he bought it in the late '60's.

How old is your Winchester model 101 serial?

Need the serial number to answer your question.

How old is Johnson motor serial j8rc1c?

That is the model number not the serial number.

How old is a Winchester model 90-22 serial?

Serial number needed to answer.

How old is your model 94 with serial no 2867771?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 1894 rifle was made in 1965,that means your rifle is 46 years old.