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built in 1908, 104 yrs old

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Your serial number indicates that you have a Ithaca crass model double,that was made in 1903.

It is only worth what the person buys it for...

Numrich Gun Parts Corp. online at

It sounds to me like you have a Early made Ithaca Baker model double barrel shotgun made in 1889-1890.As to value I would have someone with the knowledge to evaluate you gun and then he could assign a value for you.

There's a list of serial numbers by year at

I am not sure about the age or value, but I would sure like to own it to rabbit hunt with.

Ithaca SN 68814 was manufactured in 1902 according to Ithaca Gun Company records compiled and released in 1960. It is a Lewis model if hammerless and New Ithaca Gun if it has hammers.

what is the Ithaca double barrel that you have? we will need serial numbers, floorplate numbers, and general condition to give you any sort of answer.

If that is an old double barrel "New Ithaca Double" it was made in 1926.

It sounds to me that you have a Ithaca Flues model double barrel shotgun.With the serial number that you provided,your shotgun was made by Ithaca in 1917.

With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca double barrel shotgun with the damascus barrels was produced in the year 1900.

Its an Ithaca Flues model made in 1921

Its the Lewis Model, from c.1905. In 60% condition, I would expect to retail at $350-$400.

The gauge is stamped on the water table by the serial number. It is a Flues model made in 1924.

Assuming that this is a double barrel - it was made in 1919

You have an Ithaca Miner model made in 1907

Made in 1903. Depending on condition it is probably worth around $350. You can look up and see what similar guns are selling for at auction.

Open the action and on the receiver flat will be the serial number and another number denoting the grade. Need all of that information, as well as some digital pictures to determine condition.

A Model 37 is a "pump", so a double barrel could not be a Model 37

what is the value of 12 gauge skb double barrel ithaca 1900 model

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