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The best that I can do is say that the Lefever Nitro special was made from 1921-1948.

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Q: How old is a lefever nitro special 16 gauge double barrel shotgun ser 279929 and approx value?
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What year was my browning 16 gauge shotgun made and approx value has agier special-c16-cart 2-34-63.5mm sn x23816 fn automatic on butt end?


What is the approx value of wards western field 410 GA bolt action shotgun?

I just got a western field 410 shotgun and wondering the value of It

What is the approx value of a 16 gauge single shot shotgun?

Around $100 depending on condition.

What is approx value of a 1928 Fabrique National auto 5 shotgun?

00-1000 usd

How much does a 12 Ga shotgun with 6 shot drop in 60 yards?

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What is an average price and manufacturer date for a Lefever Nitro 12 Ga Ser 331573 with a beavertail forearm in very good condition?

R.Dale,I'll Give you what I know: LeFever Nitro Specials are not Manufactured By Dan Lefever. They are made by Ithaca. Ithaca bought out The Lefever Arms Co. in 1922. Starting with serial #100000 in 1922 and ending in 1947 with #361199. These #'s encompass all Bores putting yours approx. 1946.No Manufacture during WWII. Unfortunatly, 12ga. are not extremely rare. I bought one in good to very good cond. Aug of 2002 for $400.00.A great book for Lefever history is "Uncle Dan Lefever, Master Gunmaker" by Robert Elliot..Travis.AnswerFrank - You didn't ask a question? Luckily, I have the WikiAnswers crystal ball this weekend, so I know you want to know when your shotgun was made and what it is worth today. Same source says the answers are "about 1940" and "$300-$400".

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Without knowing who made it, the gauge and action type, can't help.

How old is a Western Field Model SB-100B 20 gauge shotgun?

I have one that was new approx. 1969.

What is approx value and year made of a 12G A-5 browning shotgun with ser?

100-450 or more depending on specifics

What is the approx date of manufacture of a Winchester model 97 shotgun serial number 4147349?

You will need to check your serial number again.Winchester serial numbers for the Model 1897 shotgun only go as high as 1,024,700.

What is Savage Model 311-A Double Barrel 16 Gauge shotgun worth?

Being a sxs its approx gun value is $350.00I

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The approx value of a marlin model 12 gauge pump action shotgun thank you?

somewhere between 150-300 depending on condition

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You will need to include the model number and the serial number to give you a answer to your question.

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What is production date of Winchester Model 97 shotgun with serial number 735873 E?

approx. 1924 according to website:

How old is a 410 shotgun model sb shotgun made in Brazil serial number 903116?

Made by CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos), sold through FIE in Miami (they went out of business in 1990) Manufactured approx 1970-73 Inexpensive shotgun, worth maybe $75 if in good condition....

The value of a browning automatic single barrel shotgun with identification number 23135 approx 30 years old in mint condition?

300-600 USD.

What is value of gamba gardone vt 12 gg skeet shotgun?

if it is a Montreal it will have been made in the seventies, value approx 500 pounds or 750 Us,,

What is the approx value of 1913 belgium browning 12ga A 5 shotgun serial number 42132?

450-600 dollars,depending on condition,and a decent bore.

What is the value of your Browning Light 20 gauge automatic shotgun approx 70 years old gold trigger?

The Browning light 20 which was introduced in 1958 is selling for between 460-650 dollars for a shotgun with between 60%-90% original condition and a good bore.

What is the value of a 1962 Remington Wingmaster 870TC 12 gauge shotgun with a Monte Carlo stock?

Assuming it is all original and in very good or better shape, approx. $ 500.

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Approx value of Remington model 12 --shotgun?

Well there is no Remington Model 12 shotgun, a model 12 is a 22 lr, they did make a smoothbore but it would have said so. A smoothbore model 12 is rare and valuable but I doubt that's what you have if it doesn't say smoothbore it's probably shot out.

What is the approx date of manufacture of a 97 Winchester number 417349?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 1897 pump action 12 gauge shotgun was made in the year 1909.