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Based in New York, Lefever Arms Company manufactured firearms from 1883 until 1916.

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Lefever Arms Company

What is the value of a LeFever Nitro Special shotgun?

LeFever Nitro Specials are not Manufactured By Dan Lefever. They are made by Ithaca Arms Co. Ithaca bought out The Lefever Arms Co. in 1916. Starting with serial #100000 in 1921 and ending in 1947 with #361199. These #'s encompass all bores.

No manufacture during WWII. 12 gauges are not extremely rare. I bought one in good to very good condition Aug of 2002 for $400.00.

A great book for Lefever history is "Uncle Dan Lefever, Master Gunmaker" by Robert Elliot.

The last guy wanted that gun. Those can be found in abundance in mint condition for less than 350.00/that's not to say it's a bad shotgun, these were built for the working man and not real fancy. If you want a hunting double, there are few that compare "bang for buck".

Lefever Arms Company

What is the age of a Lefever Arms Co shotgun?

Lefever arms company made shotguns from 1885-1916. After that Ithaca acquired the Lefever name. The Ithaca ones are generaly worth less. But I need more info from you. Serial # and other markings???  answerCan you give more info?? Any and all numbers and letters on water table. (flat area on receiver when the breech is open)
Does it say "Lefever arms company" , "Lefever, D.M & Son" or "Ithaca" antwhere?
yes lefever arms co. sn 47782 barrel no. 65955 patent no. 1872, 78, 80, 85, 86, 87
it says lefever arms company serial number 47782 barrel num. 65955
Lefever Arms Company

What is the value of a 16 gauge double barrel double nitro special with serial number 106570 under the barrels and one barrel stamped 2 the other stamped 4 manufactured by Lefever Arms?

Your LeFever 16 in good shape is worth about $300. In excellent shape about $450. It is hard to grade a shotgun without seeing it. Most of the ones I have were good to poor.

Your Lefever Nitro Special was actually mfg'd by Ithaca Arms Co about late 1921 or 1922. Ithaca Arms purchased the assets of Lefever Arms in 1916 and started Mfg Nitro Special in 1921. A friend of mine recently purch'd a 12 GA in fair to good condtion for $150.

Lefever Arms Company

What is the value of the Lefever Nitro Special shotgun?

Built between 1921-1927. By Ithica. Need to know single or double trigger, and checkering on stock, and forearm. Standard double trigger, standard checkering in good to excellent condition worth 1200.00. (Avid double barrel collector) Looking for nitro special 16 ga or 20 ga and Uncle Dan 20 ga.

The question of the Lefever Nitro Special can be simply answered by a Blue Book of Guns. 12ga. double trigger in this era 1921-1948 at 70% may bring 400.00 to 500.00. 16ga. has to deduct 10%. An Uncle Dan Lefever will bring considerably more money since it was built by Lefever and not Ithaca, NY.

Your s/n indicates it was mfg'd around 1921 to 1922. A friend recently purchased one in fair to good conditon for $150. By-the-way, your Lefever was mfg'd by Ithaca Arms Co after they purchased the assets of Lefever Arms Co in 1916.

I just bough one built in 1937 in very good original condition for $210.00. It locks up tight as new, the checkering is not worn, and the geese on the sides and the printing on top the barrels is excellent. They can be found cheap if you have the patience to wait. This one shoots great. A much better gun than the new ones from Turkey, for half the price!

Lefever Arms Company

What is an average price and manufacturer date for a Lefever Nitro 12 Ga Ser 331573 with a beavertail forearm in very good condition?


I'll Give you what I know: LeFever Nitro Specials are not Manufactured By Dan Lefever. They are made by Ithaca. Ithaca bought out The Lefever Arms Co. in 1922. Starting with serial #100000 in 1922 and ending in 1947 with #361199. These #'s encompass all Bores putting yours approx. 1946.

No Manufacture during WWII. Unfortunatly, 12ga. are not extremely rare. I bought one in good to very good cond. Aug of 2002 for $400.00.

A great book for Lefever history is "Uncle Dan Lefever, Master Gunmaker" by Robert Elliot.



AnswerFrank - You didn't ask a question? Luckily, I have the WikiAnswers crystal ball this weekend, so I know you want to know when your shotgun was made and what it is worth today. Same source says the answers are "about 1940" and "$300-$400".
Lefever Arms Company

What is the age and value of a Lefever Arms Co. double barrel shotgun pat. 1872 serial 53515?

This should address: http://www.gunshop.com/dgsnos3.htm should at least give an idea of the year your shotgun was made and then I suggest you look up your gun in the Blue Book of Gun Values and they will have a price estimate for grade and grading.

Lefever Arms Company

Lefever Arms 1892 12 gauge SxS shotgun?

What kind of info do you need? please email me at eagle44mag@adelphia.net and I will try to help thanks Rick

Lefever Arms Company

What is a 1945 double barrel 410 Lefever shotgun worth?


If it is a Nitro Special, it's worth anywhere from $200 to $950 depending on the condition.


Ithaca Gun Co. purchased Lefever in 1916, but temporarily ceased manufacturing during WW2 from 1943 through 1945, so the gun must have been made in a different year. Do you have the serial number?

Lefever Arms Company

What are facts about a Lefever 12 side by side shotgun?

Most of these models were made in 1906 or 1907 making it an antique. If the weapon has little of its own finish, the value decreases dramatically. If kept in excellent condition the item can be valued at $20,000.

Lefever Arms Company

What thread size is the front bead on a Lefever Nitro Special 16 gauge shotgun?

I have an original 16 ga. nitro special made by Lefever. The sight bead is one eighth if an inch in diameter.

Lefever Arms Company

What is the value of a Lefever 410 shotgun?

I hope we're on the same page here. Is your gun a single barrel break action? In my reference, the Long Range field grade is listed separately from the trap grade. But the only difference is that one has an extractor and the other an ejector. With an extractor, NRA Very Good = $300, Excellent = $350. With an ejector, $450 and $550.

Lefever Arms Company

What is the value of a Lefever long range trap and field single barrel 12g and what precautions should be taken in cleaning it?

The Blue Book suggests a value of $120 in 60% condition, $250 in 90% or $330 in 100%. Don't over-clean. Copper wool (not steel wool) and gun oil to remove the rust if it has any. Then give all metal parts a light coat of gun oil and use a good furniture polish on the wooden parts. Don't get the oil on the wood or the polish on the metal.

Lefever Arms Company

Where can you buy parts for a LeFever shotgun?

I'd suggest trying the web site at Double gun gunshop.com or Keith Keacher

Lefever Arms Company

Lefever double barrel shotgun?

There were 6 grades, E D C B A AA. Serial should be 2000-2500. Grade F added in 1889. 1892 Ideal or G grade added. 1899 I and DS were added. Grade should appear under forearm stock. Must know if barrelled in damascus or krupp steel? Company was sold in 1906. Must know single or double trigger and if any engravings. Respond for value. Also, looking for Fox Sterlingsworth, 1927! (Avid side by side collector)

Lefever Arms Company

What are facts about LeFever Arms 16 gauge shotguns?

the year this gun was made was 1913. the ds grade is worth $250.00 poor to $1250.00 exe

Lefever Arms Company

Age and Value of Ithaca Lefever Nitro Special?

It sounds like a fine gun and could be worth anywhere from $400 to 900. depending on condition.

Great gun fro trap & skeet and use and good 16 guage load for small game or specific skeet/trap

Lefever Arms Company

At what serial number did Lefever change from damascus to steel barrels?

There was no specific date, you could order them either way for many years, damascus was usually the more expensive of the two. I'm quite sure though that any Lefevers made by Ithaca had "steel" barrels (although there probably were some Lefever made guns left over and sold by Ithaca). Ithaca acquired Lefever something around 1916.

Lefever Arms Company

What is the age and value of a Lefever single shot trap model 21720?

The Lefever single barrel trap gun was discontinued in 1942. Any Lefever in better than 90% condition is extremely rare and difficult to evaluate. In 90% condition it would be worth about $550; in 10%, $195.

Lefever Arms Company

Where can you find parts info and schematics for Lefever Nitro Specials?

Gun Parts Corporation in Hurley NY offers Schematics and some parts. I believe they are e-gunparts on the web.

Lefever Arms Company

What year was a lefever nitro special 16 gauge serial number 24048?

I can only say that the Lefever model nitro special was made from 1921-1948.maybe another person with more intricate records of production will be able to give you a more accurate year of production.

Lefever Arms Company

LeFever Nitro Special Shotgun?

I don't have my references in front of me right now to look up the original date of the Lefever company, but I believe it was early enough to have made some of the first breech-loading shotguns. However, the Nitro Special was not made until the 1930's. It was made by Ithaca Gun Co after it purchased the LeFever assets, including the name. While it is considered a better gun than many "utility grade" doubles, it will only bring $500-$600 in top condition. The "real" LeFevers go quite a bit higher.
Lefever Arms Company

Where would you find a replacement recoil pad for a Lefever Rhino Special 20 Gauge Double Barrel?

Try Gun Parts Corp. The web site is www.e-gunparts.com they have all the answers and parts you will ever want

Lefever Arms Company

What can you tell you about a 16 gauge dbl barrel side by side serial 353631 inscribed lefever arms branch Ithaca gun co Ithaca ny Ithaca nitro special?

The first Double Barrel Nitro Lefever (16 Gauge) was made in 1921, Serial number started with 100,000. The last Nitro Lefever was madee in 1947, Serial Number 361,199. I have a Niotro Lefever Serial Number 339,290 that was manufactured in 1937. Original price was $29, currently worth approximately $500.

Lefever Arms Company

Lefever Arms Company Syracuse Ny Serial 53134 Dbl Barrel 12 gauge fluid steel krupp essen any information please?

This was apparently prior to the acquisition of Lefever by Ithaca, since it appears that the first Ithaca Lefever serial numbers contain 6 digits (Lefever Nitro Special - 1921)

Lefever Arms Company

What is the value of a lefever excelsior shotgun?

Depending on condition and wether or not it has shell ejectors the value would be betwenn $500-$2600.


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