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Q: How old is bronia from the silver sword?
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How old is Bronia Balicki?


How old is Bronia Beker?

She was born Dec. 9, 1920.

What is the birth name of Bronia Wheeler?

Bronia Wheeler's birth name is Stefan, Bronia.

What is a silver sword?

a small silver sword for opening your letters with.

Where do you find the Silver Sword to read online?

silver sword

What is the ISBN of The Silver Sword?

The ISBN of The Silver Sword is 0224606778.

Margrit balicki from the silver sword?

Margrit Balicki is a character in the novel "The Silver Sword" by Ian Serraillier. She is the daughter of Joseph Balicki and Ruth Bronia, and sister to Ruth and Edek. Margrit plays a pivotal role in the novel as the eldest sibling who takes care of her younger siblings and helps them navigate through the challenges they face during and after World War II.

Who is the author of the silver sword?

Ian Serraillier wrote The Silver Sword.

When was The Silver Sword created?

The Silver Sword was created in 1956-12.

In the novel the 'Silver Sword' who were the Nazis?

In the novel 'Silver Sword',The Nazis were Hitlers men

Which is stronger a silver sword or an iron sword?

u can say that they both are same in the attack bonus but silver sword is stronger in strengh bonus

In the Silver Sword what was Jan's last name?