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Daniella Monet is 22 she turned 22 in march 1st


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Daniella Monet co-stars in Victorious as Trina Vega who is Tori's sister

daniella monet plays trina vega

She is Mexican and half Caucasian

Trina Vega is played by Daniella Monet.

TV actress Daniella Monet is 29 years old (birthdate: March 1, 1989).

Her name is Daniella Monet and her name is Trina not Tirana

No shes in another series 'Victorious'

If you mean Daniella Monet, then the answer is no.

Yes, Daniella Monet is a vegan.

Her name is Trina and she's a year older. She's played by Daniella Monet.

Daniella Monet's birth name is Daniella Monet Zuvic.

Trina vega (daniella monet) is 5'10

Daniella Monet was born on March 1, 1989.

has Daniella Monet got a boy Friend

Daniella Monet is a young adult who is already out of school.

Daniella Monet goes by Dani, and DeeMo.

Daniella Monet. She is best known as her character "Trina" on the Nickelodeon show "Victorious".

The physco in IPhysco on ICarly was played by Daniella Monet. She also plays Trina on Victorious.

Her name on the show is Trina Vega but in real life its Daniella Monet...

yes she can .She doesn't sound like she can on victorious because of her role as Trina.

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