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the answer is 21 the answer is 21

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How old was light from deathnote when he died?

Light dies at the age of 21

How old is Zack fair when he dies?

He is 22 when he dies :(

How old is Bella when she dies?

Bella was eighteen when she "dies". ;)

Who dies in Old Yeller?

old yeller

What episode does Light die?

Light dies in episode 37, "New World."

What happens to a parallel circuit if one light fails?

A parellel circuit does not fail if one light dies. In a series circuit, it's broken if one light fails (like the old style Christmas lights). See link for example...

What happened to misa?

she kills her self after light dies

Does light stop killing people?

Only after he dies.

What happens when a dog dies of old age?

When a dog dies of old age, he or she usually lays down and falls asleep. When in sleep, they usually pass away. Overall, the dog dies.

How old can a killer get?

until he dies

How old is kenshin when he dies?

He is 43

What happened when Vulture get old?

It dies!!

How old are Coretta childrens?

How old are Coretta childrens when she dies?

What is the solution in the book Old Yeller?

OLD yeller dies

How old was yoda when he dies?

Yoda was 900 years old

How old is a healthy dwarf hamster when it dies?

About a year old

What is the significant event in Old Yeller?

Old Yeller dies... :(

How old would Naruto be if he dies of old age?


How old can a hamster be when it dies?

the youngest it'll b when it dies is abt 3 weeks.

What character dies early on in the book animal farm?

old major and then snowball dies. boxer dies at the end and its so sad the way he dies:( its a great book!

How old will the sun be when it dies?

Just about 10 billion years old.

How old will a eleven year old be when the Sun dies?

52 or 23

When did old major die?

old Major dies early March.

How old was Steve Irwins child when he dies?

she was 8 years old

How old is johhnny from the outsiders?

Johnny is 16 years old when he dies.