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How old is mina mongoose?

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1 year old

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How old is mina the mongoose?

Mina is 16.

How old is mina the mongoose from sonic?


Who is the mongoose from sonic?

Her name is Mina,Mina Mongoose

What is mina kompisar?

a mongoose and i am not lieing

What is the mongoos of sonic?

Mina the Mongoose...?

Who has a crush on Mina Mongoose?

Sonic the hedgehog, Ash the mongoose, and she marries Tails the fox in the future.

Is Mina the Mongoose in Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM?

No she is a character exclusively in the comics.

Who is Mina the Mongoose?

Mina is the purple haired, green eyed, singing mongoose from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.

What comic did mina the mongoose first appear in?

She first appears in issue#76

What would you type if you were looking for sonic and mina pictures on the interne?

Sonic (and) Mina Mongoose would probably give the most accurate results.

Does Mina Mongoose love Sonic the Hedgehog?

early on in the comics yes she had a major crush on him

Does sonic love min mongoose?

Sonic once had a crush on Mina the Mongoose, but he didn't want to ruin his "cool appearance." Tails started to talk to him about it a little, but Sonic said he couldn't. While Mina was backstage, there was a bomb in her backstage room. Her manger, Ash the mongoose, loved her. He grabbed the bomb, and ran away with it. When Sonic and his gang heard the boom, he rushed over to save his love. Unfortunately, Sonic came right when Mina was kissing Ash, because he saved her, but he was badly damaged. Sonic was heartbroken, and left. Later on in life, Mina didn't get married to Sonic OR Ash- She got married to Tails. So, yeah, once Sonic did have a crush on Mina.

How old is Mina Tominaga?

Mina Tominaga is 45 years old (birthdate: April 3, 1966).

Who is dating Manic the hedgehog?

Manic used to date with Mina the Mongoose, but they broke up, and no one is dating Manic the Hedgehog now.

Why do they make Mina and Sally like Sonic in a triangle instead of Amy and Sally liking Sonic Amy Rose was made way before Mina Mongoose entered the comic?

They aren't. Archie just wanted to see who was the fans favorite out of the three therefore resulting in Amy Rose the Hedgehog who now appears in the recent games leaving the others disposed of .They made an attempt to put Mina Mongoose in the games but nobody really liked her, therefore she ended up like Sally Acorn: OBLITTERATED. Nobody really liked Princess Sally Alicia Acorn and Mina the Mongoose because they were other animals besides Amy who was a Hedgehog. It didn't seem right for Sonic to like a Mongoose( who can EAT a Hedgehog) or a chipmunk ( That is smaller than the average hedgehog). Think people, THINK

How did mina miller Edison die?

Mina Edison died because of old age. She was 91 when she died!!

Who was known as the old mongoose?

Archie Moore (Boxer)

How old was mina miller when she married thomas Edison?

when she was 24

What is the age of the mammal mongoose?

It is 150 billion years old.

Who does miles tails prower marry?

depend on which you are talking about. in the comics he gets marryed to Mina Mongoose. in the games and tv shows it has not been shown. but i think he will loves cream :>they have a good connection.

What is a male mongoose called?

A male mongoose is called a mongoose

Why is George given the name mongoose in the book Old Story Time?

He is given the name because of his stupidity. As you know mongoose aren't very smart creatures.

Do mongoose have feathers?


What is the birth name of Mina Badie?

Mina Badie's birth name is Mina Badiyi.

What is the birth name of Mina Bern?

Mina Bern's birth name is Mina Bernholtz.