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How old is paul from boys like girls?

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Paul is 22. He will be 23 as of January 19th, 2011.

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How old is Paul Digiovanni from Boys Like Girls?

19 it's on his MySpace so what if I'm kind of a stalker

What do girls like in 13 year old boys like me?

Teen girls like 13 year old boys who are cute, funny, social, and most importantly boys who are comfortable being themselves.

What do 15 year old boys like about girls?

The fact that they are girls.

Who are the members of the Boys Like Girls band and what are their ages?

The members of Boys Like Girls are Martin Johnson (vocals) John Keefe (drums) Bryan Donahue (bass) Paul DiGiovanni (lead guitar) Martin is 25 year old, John is 27, Paul is 22 and Bryan is 25! Hope this helped =)

DO 11 year old boys like girls?

Well, it depends on the boy. Most 11 year old boys do like girls! But still, I know a 12 year old who is afraid of girls still. It really depends!

What do 12 year old girls like and dislike about boys?

Well... Girls like it when boys hang with them a lot like at lunch or after school. Girls also like it when boys are romantic and kind. Also they like humor, talent and smarts. Girls also like when boys come right out and say that they're crushin on them. Girls dislike when boys act gross and annoy them. Girls also hate it when boys ignore them in front of your friends.

What do 12 year old girls like in boys?


What do 13 year old boys like in girls?


How old is the lead singer from boys like girls?


Why do 13 year old boys like to think about girls?

'Cuz they like them.

Do twelve year old boys like funny twelve year old girls?

i think all guys like funny girls.

How old is Bryan Donahue from Boys like Girls?

Bryan Donahue from the band Boys Like Girls just turned 24 on February 26th, 2009.

Do 16 year old girl dig 13 year old boys?

There are not many girls that dig or like 13 year old boys. They may like the boys as friends only.

How old is boys like girls?

10 years old because puberty happens

What do 13 yr old boys like in 13 yr old girls?


How old is martin Johnson from boys like girls?

Martin is 25.

Should 12 year old girls like boys?


How old are the rowdyruff boys z?

they are 13 like the powerpuff girls

What age do you start liking boys or girls?

girls and boys shouldn't like each other until they get 16-19 years old.

What do 13 year old girls like?

Boys, definatly boys, make up, nail polish, shopping and BOYS.

Do girls like cute boys?

P.s Iโ€™m an 8 year old boy that lookโ€™s like this ๐Ÿ‘ฑ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

How so 13 year old girls attract13 year old boys?

hay girls Dow you like to be tickled in the feet

Do 12 year old girls like a six pack on 12 year old boys?

i do!!

What do 15 year old boys like in 13 year old girls?

Girls usually mature earlier than boys, so at the age of 15 boys are nearly having the same maturity of what 13 year old girls have. So they get along. Back to the question, they might like her personality, looks and sense of humor.

What do 13 year old boys like?

Girls that are in there, not frigit, let them ''explore''

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