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President Obama doesn't have a son.

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Q: How old is president Obamas son?
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Where is barack obamas son?

President Obama does not have a son. There are some internet myths that claim he has a "secret son," but there is no truth to these claims. The president and his wife Michelle have two daughters.

Where is Obamas Son?

He has no "Sons">

Is Barack obamas son eminem?

lol no

What were President Obamas SAT scores?


What is obamas age when he became president?


Who was obamas favorite president?

Abraham Lincoln

What was obamas occupation before coming president?


Who is baraca obamas vice president?

Joe Biden

What is President Obamas whifs name?

Michelle Obama

Are there two Barack Obamas?

In a way, yes. There is some confusion about this, because Barack Obama's dad had the same name as the president. So, there was Barack Obama Senior (now deceased) and his son, Barack Obama II, who is the president.

Who old is obamas wife?

she is 45

Did the obamas ever have a son?

No, there is no evidence that they ever did. They have two biological daughters.