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i believe that raven do have a kid


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Raven Simone does not have a baby

is raven simone having a baby soon or is she planing on having one yet or is she pregnant or do she dont know please give me a answer === === * Help

Yes, she had a really pretty baby girl!!!

how old is raven baby plz answer me i am begging u.

Raven does not have any children.

no but she is on that so raven

She does not have a baby.

Raven Simone was born on the 10th of December 1985 and she was born in the Atlantic City

raven simone is obese. maybe like 160 or 150 or 147 idk

Where is Raven Simmone now

Raven Simone Christina Pearman

No she does not have a child.Those are all rumors she is an intelligent young woman who is worth alot of moneyYes can u believe it she had a really pretty baby girl!!!

The Related Link lists multiracial celebrities and Raven-Simone is not listed. So I assume she is not multiracial.

I think Vincent Simone's girlfriend is Lacy Thomas. If this is the brother of Raven Simone then I believe they have been together for one year. Raven Simone has made this fact public.

No Raven Simone is not sisters with Lisa Raye or Da Brat. She is an only child.

Itz Raven Symone Christine Perimint

his moma is raven simone

It's a matter of opinion but i think she is.

No,Raven Simon did not have a baby .this was a rumor and gossiped!

yes raven symone had a baby

No, Raven does not have a baby by Lil Wayne.

Raven Simone and Da Brat

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