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How old is the English language?

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The English language is about 1500-2000 years old. Modern English is somewhere between 300 and 400 years old--Shakespeare wrote in Early Modern English.

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What language does English come from?

The English language has its roots in Anglo-Saxon, old French, old German and Latin.

How is old English different from modern English?

Modern English is the language that Shakespeare wrote in, and is not very different from our English. However, Old English is the language of Beowulf, and is very different from our English.

What kind of language is old English?

Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, is a Germanic language, specifically West Germanic. It is closely related to Old Frisian.

What language is of from?

of comes from Old English

Why English is global language?

The English language is a descendant of the original language Old English. Through trade and war, mostly, English was spread quickly though out England and beyond.

What words end with the suffix -old?

'-old' is not an English language suffix.But -oid is an English language suffix, and means 'resembling', such as rhomboid, which means resembling a rhombus.

When did pear enter the English language?

Pear grew up in the English language. It is the modern form of the Old English word peru.

Old English was the language of the?


Did the old English language stop in 1066?


What language does calcium come from?

Old English

What language does Gerald Croft use in Inspector Calls and anything else about his language?

Gerald croft has old English Gerald croft has old English

What languages influenced the language of old English?

The English language was based off Germanic languages (from the Anglo-Saxons mainly) and the French language.

Why was the language of Chaucer different to the old English language?

yete ged dg

What are the four stages of the English language?

Old English/Middle-English/Early Modern English/Modern English

Which language come from the English language?

The Scots language has its basis in Old English (or "Inglis", as the Scottish people called it at the time). A number of pidgins and creoles also have their basis in English, but Scots is recognised as a separate language.

Who brought the English language to Britain?

The English language developed within Britain, hence the name "English language". Old English is a relative of the other old Germanic languages, such as Norse, Old Icelandic, Old Norwegian and Old German. After the Normans invaded England in 1066, Old English effectively died and transitioned into Middle English, which is more closely related to Modern English but is different enough not to be mutually intelligible. By the 1500s, Middle English had ended and gave way to Early Modern English, the language of Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare, and is, for all intents and purposes, the same language as that which we speak and write today, but with a few variations. Modern English is the current variation of a language which first came into existence in the first millennium. It is important to note, however, that Old English, Middle English and Modern English are each three, distinct languages. Old English and Middle English are dead languages, succeeded by Modern English. Middle and Modern English have been heavily influenced by Norman French as it was the state language of England under the reign of the Normans.Basically, the Angles, Saxons and Jutes brought the earliest forms of English to England from West and North Germany; the language was influenced by the Norman language, becoming Middle English; the Great Vowel Shift of the 15th century transitioned the language into Modern English.

What language was spoken in Normandy in 1066?

Old English.

What language contributed the most to old English?


What language does Merlin speak to kilgharrah?

Old English.

What is the original language of the word hoist?

old english

How do you say sandwich in old English language?


What language are cloud names in?

English and or old british

Where does the English language come from?

The English language is the result of the merging of the Germanic Anglo-Saxon language (also called Old English) with the Norman French language, a romance language, in the centuries following the Norman Conquest of England in 1066 AD.

From what language did Old English borrow merci?

Old French. But THEY borrowed it from Latin. From Greek to Latin to French to English

What language was spoken in 8th century England?

Old English. That is NOT the language of "thy" and "thee" but rather a totally different language, predecessor of modern English, almost unrecognizable to our modern ears.