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How old is the Islamic faith?

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Muhammad started the religion in the seventh century. He dictated the book "Qur'an" after a vision in which he was visited by a messenger or angel called Gabriel. He did not write the Qur'an, spelled Koran in english. Today, Muhammad is considered a prophet of Allah.

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How old was Muhammad when he was the prophet of the Islamic faith?

he was 40 years old.

Religious leader in the Islamic faith is called a?

Religious leader in the Islamic faith is called "IMAM"!

Is it part of the Islamic faith to kill?

Killing innocent people is prohibited in islam its not part of Islamic Faith.

How to use Islamic in a sentence?

The Islamic faith believes in Allah.

Which city is the capital of Islamic faith?

Each Islamic country has its capital city but if you mean the spiritual capital of the Islamic faith then it's the city of Mecca (Makkah).

Why is pilgrimage so important for the Islamic faith?

Pilgrimage is one of the commands that Allah gave to Mohammed for the Islamic faith. It is written in the Koran which is the Islamic "word of God"

Who is head of the Islamic faith?


Does the Islamic faith believe in a trinity?


What are similarities of Catholic Faith and Islamic faith?

They both believe in one God.

What is the region of the Islamic faith?

Allover the world

When did the Islamic faith begin?

610 A.D.

What is a follower of the Islamic faith called?

A Muslim.

What is a imams title in the Islamic faith?

An Iman...

What is cagatay ulusoy religion?

Islamic faith

Is a mosque a place where people that study the islamic faith go to worship?

Yes, the mosque is the place where people that study the Islamic faith go to worship

Who is the leader of the Islamic faith in England?

Muhammad SAW/PBUH is the leader of the islamic faith. When i say leader i mean the founder the person who founded Islam.

How old is the muslem faith?

muslims and jews are descended from the same nomads (theoretically) but the current year in the islamic calendar is 1433

What is the definition of fatwa in the Islamic faith?

The definition of the word "fatwa" in the Islamic faith is the legal judgement that a qualified jurist can make regarding issues of Islamic law. In other words, it is a formal legal opinion.

Who founded the Islamic faith and when?

The Islam faith was founded in about 610 A.D. It was fouded by Muhammad.

Where is the Islamic religion used?

Islamic religion is the faith of Muslims who are spread all over the world.

One of the two branches of the Islamic faith?


What religion teaches conflict and peace?

The Islamic faith

Who is the prophet of the Islamic faith?

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Which text provides the basis of the Islamic faith?

The Koran .

In what part of Europe did the Islamic faith begin?

In Turkey.

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