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Matt smith turned 28 on the 28th of October

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Q: How old is the actor Matt Smith?
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How old is Matt Smith the actor?

Matt Smith was born in 1982 on the 28th of October, making him 28 years old. Happy birthday, Matt!! :)

Does actor Matt Smith have any children?

No, Matt Smith does not currently have any children.

How did Matt Smith become an actor?

By acting.

Who is the actor who plays Doctor who?

Matt Smith

How old is Matt Smith?

UK actor Matt Smith (Doctor Who) is 35 years old (birthdate: October 28, 1982).Canadian voice actor Matt Smith is 49 years old (birthdate February 28, 1968).Australian soccer player Matt Smith is 35 years old (birthdate October 14, 1982).Leeds United soccer player Mathieu "Matt" Smith is 28 years old (birthdate June 7, 1989).Rugby union player Matthew William Smith is 32 years old (birthdate November 15, 1985)Rugby Union player Matt Smith (Leeds) is 28 years old (birthdate October 26, 1989).

Is Matt smith the actor Mormon?

No, Matt Smith, the actor from Doctor Who, is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" Church.)

What actor plays the current Doctor Who?

Matt Smith.

How old is the new doctor Matt Smith?

Matt Smith is only 26 years old

Which actor plays Dr Who?

Matt smith =11th doctor

Is Matt Smith a good actor?

Yes Matt is a good actor, his version of the Doctor is extremely popular amongst Doctor Who fans.

What is Matt Smith's favorite colour?

Apparently, rumour has it, that blue is the favourite colour of Doctor Who actor 'Matt Smith', coincidently linking to the Tardis.

How old is Matt Smith in real life?

Matt smith is 30 years old, he will be 31 October 28th 2013.

Who is the Doctor Who actor?

Matt Smith is the new doctor who!!!HE IS ALSO THE YOUNGEST EVER!!!

Does actor Matt Smith have any siblings?

yes he does but we only know he has a sister

How old is Matthew Smith?

Australian field hockey player Matthew John Smith is 44 years (birthdate November 20, 1973). *For the actor Matt Smith (Doctor Who) see the related question.

Who is the best actor that plays the Doctor Who?

i think that the actor plays doctor in doctor who his name is got to be matt smith.

How old is Matt Gordon?

Canadian actor Matt Gordon is 45 years old (born 1969).

Who is the actor on Old Navy commercial?

Matt Walton

What is the name of the youngest doctor?

If you mean in doctor who it is the 11th doctor the actor is Matt smith

Who is the best actor?

Johnny Depp he is amazing! I quite like Matt Smith from 'Doctor Who!'

Who will be the 11th Doctor?

Matt Smith, at 26 he is the youngest actor to play the role of The Doctor.

Which actor plays Doctor Who?

At the moment it is Mr Matt smith and before him was david tennant

How old is the actor Will Smith?

Will Smith is 45 years old (born September 25, 1968).

Who is Matt Smith?

Matt Smith is going to be the New Doctor Who. He is the eleventh Doctor, and the youngest actor to be playing the part to date. See the related link below for more information.

Why did Doctor Who Actor Matt Smith Leave Doctor Who?

It might have been due to his Lumbar Spondylosis.