Matt Smith (Actor)

Matt Smith was born in Northampton, England in October 1982. He became the youngest actor to play Doctor Who in the international-hit TV series by the same name.

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Matt Smith (Actor)

Does Matt Smith have a Skype?

Possibly, but you can never really know unless you ask him yourself- due to people PRETENDING to be him.

I also think he would prefer his privacy, rather than having thousands of doctor who fans trying to contact him :)

Doctor Who
Celebrity Sexual Orientation
Matt Smith (Actor)

Is Matt Smith gay?

No, Matt is straight.

Matt Smith (Actor)

Where did Matt Smith grow up?

in northampton

Matt Smith (Actor)

What is Matt Smiths favourite hobby?

He enjoys playing football.

Religion & Spirituality
Matt Smith (Actor)

What religion is Matt Smith?

Matt Smith is an Atheist. Which means he does not have a religion and does not believe in a god(s) or supreme being.

Matt Smith (Actor)

What height is Matt Smith?

Actually he's 6ft 1.

Considering that Karen Gillan's 5ft 11 I think it's safe to say that he is taller than her, even in heels.

Matt Smith (Actor)

When is Matt Smith coming to America?

He has been to America. If you're asking when he plans to pursue his career in Hollywood, he has said that he'd move there after he was done with Doctor Who.

Matt Smith (Actor)

Who is Matt Smith?

Matt Smith is going to be the New Doctor Who. He is the eleventh Doctor, and the youngest actor to be playing the part to date. See the related link below for more information.

Matt Smith (Actor)

What car does Matt Smith have?

If U really wanna know then go get a book

Matt Smith (Actor)

Where is Matt Smith from?

Northampton, England

Matt Smith (Actor)

What are the steps to getting Matt Smith's hairstyle?

1. Brush it all out.

2. Mess it up again.

3. Hairspray and apply bowtie for effect.

Try taking a round brush under the front of your hair and roll the brush downward. With a blow dryer, blow hair away from your face so that it begins to take the shape of Matt Smith's famous hairstyle.

Doctor Who
Matt Smith (Actor)

How do you style and what products to use to get your hair like Matt Smith from Doctor Who?

Step 1: grow your hair long, but no longer than the back of your neck.

Step 2: consult your hairdresser with a picture, she/he should be able to cut it and show you how to style it to look like the smith.

Step 3: when it comes to styling it yourself it can be tricky, trust me I know. play around with products such as shockwaves and moose.

Basically he has this comb over (cool comb over!) with a lot of volume. To do this you need to have the parting around the top left of your head, with your hair pushed over to the right. Under the left parting (left side or head) the hair needs to be pushed back, and sweeps around your ear and to the back of your head. Then you need to get hold of the hair at the back behind your ears and pull it towards the bottom of your ears.


If you apply moose to your hair when it's wet and dry with a hair dryer whilst styling it you should get thr basic shape.

After that I use level 4 Shockwaves gell, this allows me to specifically style my hair like smiths and it can take some practice. You can either have the hair going straight over the top to the other side of your head or you can have a kind of half fringe, obviously you can use a picture to get a better idea!

After that you can spray your hair to keep its hold and that's pretty much it!

It takes a lot of dedication and frustrating hours to master but it's worth it for this iconic hairstyle! Hope this helps!

Kai Harrison

Matt Smith hair style expert :)

Matt Smith (Actor)

What color hair and eyes does Matt Smith have?

He naturally has dark brown hair and fairly dark green eyes

Doctor Who
Matt Smith (Actor)

How long has Matt Smith been in doctor who?

he appeared from Series 5 (2010) and began filming it in 2009 - three years this year (2012) once series 7 has aired

Social Network Websites
Matt Smith (Actor)

Has Matt Smith got Facebook?

No, Matt Smith is not on Facebook, nor any other social networking site.

Even if he was on Facebook or any social network, you will not be able to get into his friends-list or send him private messages unless he personally sends you a request. Social networks go extra lengths to prevent celebrity members being harassed by fans.
The are probably non-official fan-pages set up by fans. Sometimes his casting agent may run an official fan-page to spread his fame. The actual celebrity does not control their own fan-pages.

If you have a celebrity in your friends list on any social network, there's a 98% chance it's an impersonator. Real celebrities do not have the time to deal with hundreds of requests a day by fans.
Doctor Who
Matt Smith (Actor)

Who are Matt Smith's parents?

His parents are called Lynne and David Smith.

Celebrity Fan Contact Information
Doctor Who
Matt Smith (Actor)

What is the fan mail address for Doctor Who actor Matt Smith?

Fan mail for Matt Smith can be sent to;

Troika Talent Agency

3rd Floor

74 Clerkenwell Road



Matt Smith (Actor)

What is Matt Smith's favorite song?

Weird fishes by radiohead

Television and Video
Matt Smith (Actor)

What was Matt smith's favourite lesson at school?

his favorite lesson in school was history and science

Doctor Who
Matt Smith (Actor)

How do you style your hair like Matt Smith from Doctor Who?

Use jell and keep playing around Until you like what you see and over time you will get better and better and you can prefect the Matt smith hair style it so keep trying and you can never use enough sonic

Matt Smith (Actor)

What languages can Matt Smith speak?


Matt Smith (Actor)

Who is in Matt Smiths mum who is Matt Smith mum?

Julian Smith?

Matt Smith (Actor)

Where is Matt smith's hometown?

Think he was born in Northampton

Matt Smith (Actor)

What song played when Matt Smith was crashing the TARDIS?

Down to earth by Murray gold

Doctor Who
Matt Smith (Actor)

What does Matt Smith wear as Doctor Who?

Matt Smith, when playing the Eleventh Doctor, wears a rose coloured shirt, sometimes it's blue and braces (the kind that hold your trousers up), a tweed jacket (with elbow patches), a bow tie (bow ties are cool), narrow trousers and black lace-up boots.


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