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21 years from the original formation by Billie Joe Armstrong (15 at the time) and Mike Dirnt (15 at the time)

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What was not one of green day old name band?

Green Day was Sweet Children before they were Green Day. That was the only band they were before Green Day.

Is Green Day American Band a band name?

Green Day is a band name, yes.

What band is better Green Day or Nickelback?

Easy, Green Day is way better! They made a Green Day Rock Band NOT a nickleback Rock Band

Is Green Day a NZ band?

No. Green Day is an American band. They are from Oakland, CA.

What is your favorite Green Day band?

The is only one ''green day'' band. i dont get the q.

Will green day be on the game rock band?

Yes there will be a Green Day Rock Band. On the Spike VGA's Green Day anounced the game.

How old is the lead singer of the band green day?

he turned 38 on february 17 =]

Is the band Green Day still together?

Yes, as of 2011 the band Green Day is still together.

Who would win the band Green Day or the band Big Time Rush?

Green Day. (In my opinion).

What is the difference between green day rock band and green day rock band plus?


What genre is green day?

Green Day is mainly an alternative band.

Is there a band named Pink Day?

There is band named green day, not pink day.

Who is the lead singer of the band Green Day?

The lead singer of the band Green Day is Billie Joe Armstrong.

What is green that can sing?

The amazing band Green Day

Is Green Day the band a Christian band?

No, Green Day is not a Christian band. The band members aren't fond of Christianity, and some of their lyrics are lyrics that Christians wouldn't listen to.

What inspires the band green day?

It was sweetdream green day is so much

Was green day once called green jelly?

NO!!!Green Day was always Green Day.... Green Day as we know it today has always been Green Day, but Billie Joe and Mike were in a band named Sweet Children.

Why did the band members name their band green day?

The term, 'Green Day' means smoking pot all day. Back then they did a lot of drugs!

Is green day a boy band?

punk/rock band :)

Who founded the band Green Day?

Billie Joe and his band.

Is green day an Irish band?


Is Green Day an atheist band?


Is the band Green Day Irish?


What age did green day start the band green day?

Billie Joe and Mike were 15, and Tre wan't in the band yet.

Is Green Day a good band for kids?

Yes, Green Day is a good band for kidz to listen to if they are 5 years and up