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Green Day is an American rock trio formed consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt, and Tre Cool.

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Can you play green day rock band with Wii remotes?


Green Day

Who female voice in green day 21 guns song?

There is none

But in the American idiot play there might be but buy the original from 21st century breakdown one

Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) added 3 female vocalists to the song, '21 Guns'

Rebecca Naomi Jones, Mary Faber and Christina Sajous...

Green Day

Who is the back-up guitarist in green day?

Jason White.(:

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Green Day

What film is Wake you Up When September Ends from?

It's not from a movie, but the album American Idiot by Green Day. Hope that helped!

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What is the tempo of Good riddance by green day?

it is a slow song

95 bpm

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What is green day's ninth album?

Insomniac - released 1995!

they have about 17 albums here they are in order

1,000 Hours - released early 1989

39/Smooth - released early 1990

Slappy - released late 1990

Sweet Children - released late 1990

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours - released 1991 - a compilation of the 39/Smooth, Slappy, and 1,000 Hours albums

Kerplunk - released 1992

Live at Gillman St - released 1994

Dookie - released 1994

Insomniac - released 1995

Foot in my Mouth - released 1996

Nimrod - released 1997

Warning - released 2000

Tune in, Tokyo - released 2001

International Superhits! - released 2001

Shenanigans - released 2001

Cigarettes and Valentines - Wasn't released because it was stolen but it was created in 2003

Skull Ring - released 2003 (Iggy Pop's Album but Green Day helped write it)

American Idiot - released 2004

Bullet in a Bible - released 2005

21st Century Breakdown - released 2009

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What bad words green day songs have?

Jesus of subribrira; greek stink breath; 21 st century breakdown; American idio t; long view; blood se x and brooz.

These have Sh1t in them.


Stuart and Ave; Don't wanna fall in love;It's F**k Time

Have the F word in!

but don't disqualif y them as good songs American idio t is one of there most popular songs

Kendall Schmidt
Green Day

Green day lead singer?

Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day

What is billie joe armstrong's car?

Honda Accord.

Green Day

What is billie Joe In spanish?

Your name is always the same, no matter what language you're using.

Green Day

What is Karen killilea doing these days?

I had read that she is living in New Rochelle and working as a receptionist at a retreat for priests.

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What are the parts to Jesus of Suburbia?

1. Jesus of Suburbia

2.City of the Damned

3. I Don't Care

4. Dearly Beloved

5. Tales of Another Broken Home

Green Day

Where did the singers from green day come from?

Billie Joe Armstrong: He was born and raised in Rodeo, CA. He currently lives in Berkley.

Michael Ryan Pritchard (Mike Drint): He was also born and raised in Rodeo. Currently lives in Oakland, CA.

Frank Edwin Wright lll (Tre' Cool): He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. He moved to Oakland when he was a child. He currently lives in Oakland.

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Green Day

When did green day start their careerÉ?

Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Ryan Pritchard (later to become Mike Dirnt) first met in elementary school in Rodeo, California. Together they learned to play guitar and began to mimic the sounds of heavy metal bands such as AC/DC and Kiss. Later, after discovering punk rock, Mike switched to bass guitar and backing vocals, while Billie remained lead singer and guitarist.

When they were sixteen, they met a drummer, John Kiffmeyer, or Al Sobrante, and together they formed the band Sweet Children. Two years later, however, at the age of eighteen, Al Sobrante left the band to attend college because he though the band was going nowhere. He was sadly mistaken. Billie and Mike met a new drummer, Frank Edwin Wright III (or Tre Cool) at the iconic punk club at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California. They convinced Tre to leave his old band, The Lookouts, and join their band, which they had just renamed, Green Day.

The trio left for their first tour in 1987, the day after Billie and Mike graduated from high school.

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In what Green Day song do they use a mandolin?

They use a mandolin in the song Blood, Sex, and Booze. This was on the album Warning and it was played by Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day

Who has gotten a letter from Green Day?

It's my dream to, but a boy who was in a coma (from hitting a tree in a 4 wheeler, I believe) and his mom played Green Day at his bed side because he loved them, and his foot started wiggling, and so Green Day brought him out of his coma. They played American Idiot, for the record. :) Then, Green Day sent him a "Get Well Basket" with a personal letter. Lucky, lucky kid. They would have visited him personally, but they were on tour. This is proof how magic Green Day and their amazing, absolutley wonderful music is. It brings children out of comas! Now that's talent!

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Does Billie Joe Armstrong's wife Adrienne have a problem that he is bisexual?


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Is Green Day from Russia?

No, they are not.

Green Day

How many times has Green Day played on SNL?

3 times

Green Day

When was Green Day the musical guest on SNL?

Well, for "American Idiot" they were on there 4/9/05 but for "21st Century Breakdown" they were on there 5/16/09(which was the season final.)

Green Day

Was Green Day from Canada?

No, but I think Mike is a little bit Canadian.

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What songs are on green day awesome as?

Green Day

Is Green Day making a new album?

yes a 3 album trilogy Uno! Dos! Tre! the first one comes out Sept. 25 second one comes out in November and the third one comes out in January for updates follow Green Day on twitter or like their page on facebook or go to their website

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Wie viel verdient Green Day pro jahr?

How much does Green Day earn each year?

Green Day

What is Green Day known for?

Green Day is a punk band from California, therefore they are known for making music.

More recently, they are known for having a rock Opera on Broadway [American Idiot].


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