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Bang, bang goes the broken glass, Kill all the fags that don't agree Yes, in one line

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i hope not

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Q: Does holiday by green day swear?
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Does Green Day need a Holiday?

Nope, They're on holiday everyday.

Does green day holiday have swares?


What is the copyright of Holiday by Green Day?


When is holiday green day celebrated?

Holiday green day is celebrated is celebrated on April 22nd and is about recycling. It should not be confused with St. Patrick's day, which is celebrated on March 17th.

Which band sings the song titled Holiday?

The Bee Gees released a song called 'Holiday' in 1967. and green day. its awesome. ( the green day one)

Who made up holiday the song?

The song "Holiday" was written by the band, Green Day.

What does the song Holiday by Green Day mean?

..... =P

Who is the publisher of holiday by green day?

Billie Joe Armstrong

Who is green day talking about in the song holiday?

The American government

What artists have recorded a track titled holiday?

I know that Green day does.

What holiday is green?

a green holiday is an event that is annual and happens every year and you be green on green holidays so that is what a green holiday is

Holiday Green day iTunes?

What do u mean?But if ur asking,U can get Holiday on ITunes by exproting the album,tahst how i did it