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Matt Smith is only 26 years old

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Q: How old is the new doctor Matt Smith?
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Who is going to be the new doctor?

its Matt smith, a 26 year old that is relatively unknown

How old is the actor Matt Smith?

Matt smith turned 28 on the 28th of October

How old is the 11th doctor?

The Eleventh Doctor is played by actor Matt Smith, who is 27. The character of the Doctor is over 900 years old, and his exact age is not know. He is known to lie about his age.

How old is Matt Smith the actor?

Matt Smith was born in 1982 on the 28th of October, making him 28 years old. Happy birthday, Matt!! :)

How old is Matt Smith?

UK actor Matt Smith (Doctor Who) is 35 years old (birthdate: October 28, 1982).Canadian voice actor Matt Smith is 49 years old (birthdate February 28, 1968).Australian soccer player Matt Smith is 35 years old (birthdate October 14, 1982).Leeds United soccer player Mathieu "Matt" Smith is 28 years old (birthdate June 7, 1989).Rugby union player Matthew William Smith is 32 years old (birthdate November 15, 1985)Rugby Union player Matt Smith (Leeds) is 28 years old (birthdate October 26, 1989).

How old is Matt Smith in real life?

Matt smith is 30 years old, he will be 31 October 28th 2013.

How old is Matthew Smith?

Australian field hockey player Matthew John Smith is 44 years (birthdate November 20, 1973). *For the actor Matt Smith (Doctor Who) see the related question.

Does doctor who Matt Smith have a brother or a sister?

He has a sister, I believe. I don't know her name or how old she is, but she is mentioned in a youtube video called Doctor Who The Complete Big Questions Part 2

How old is Matt nguyen?

That's pretty close to asking, "How old is John Smith?" Nguyen is the Smith of Vietnam.

How old was Matt Smith when he started being Dr. Who?

27 years old

How old is Matt smith in 2011?

He will be 28 on the 15th of April

How old was Matt Smith when he auditioned for Doctor Who?

All we were first told about the 11th Doctor actor was that he was 26. So 25/26 depending on when the auditions were (his birthday is on 28th October so if you know when the auditions were you can find out!).

How old is Matt Smith on cheer athletics cheetahs?

16 almost 17

How old is Matt Smith in 2013?

31 he was born on the 28th of October at the moment he is 30.

Does Matt Smith like his sonic screwdriver or the old one?

he like s both but he wants it to have a blue light

How old is Matt butler from new song?

31, pretty sure

Your new doctor is asking you for your surgery record can you get it through the web?

No, the new doctor needs to get it from the old one.

How old is Matt prokop now?

how old is Matt prokop

How old is Matt Hayashida?

Matt Hayashida is 38 years old.

How old is Matt riedy?

Matt Riedy is 476865 years old

How old is Matt benett?

matt benett 18 years old

How does the Doctor regenerate?

•Regeneration is a time lord, changing their loooks, personality and all the cells in his body! The doctor has regenerated in different ways in different circumstances. He has regenerated 10 times so far, into the newest incarnation 26 year old Matt Smith. It is unknown what injury caused the Eighth Doctor to regenerate into the Ninth Doctor. However, it is widely believed to have been caused during the Time War. the 10th doctor regenerated into the 11th after getting signs that he was going to die, and he also got shocked by electircity fields, and finally he regenerted into the newest incarnation 26th year old Matt smith.the doctor usually regenerates by letting this gold energy out of his body and changing

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