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How old is the planet Mercury?

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It is believed that all of the planets, from Mercury to Neptune, formed around the same time, about 4.95 billion years ago.

Presumably, Mercury is of similar age to Earth.

The only way to be sure, of course, would be to land on the surface and use radioisotope dating to determine the age of the rock. Such a mission is not planned and probably will not be undertaken in the next 25 years.
it is40000000,56780 years old!

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How old was planet Mercury when it was made?

Planet Mercury was zero years of age when it was made.

How old are you on the planet mercury if you'r ten?


Is mercury a planet or a dwarf-planet?

Mercury is a planet.

Is mercury a planet or dwarf planet?

Mercury is a planet.

How old would an fifteen year old be on planet mercury?

try it and find out :L

Where planet Mercury came from?

Mercury is itself a planet - it did not come from a planet!

Why is mercury a dwarf- planet?

Mercury is not a dwarf planet. It is a planet.

Does the planet Mercury have any valleys?

Mercury used to have river valleys, but now they are old and dried-up.

What is Mercury known for?

Mercury the planet is the closest Planet to the Sun.

What number planet is Mercury is from the sun?

mercury is the first planet from the sun......

Which planet is the smallest?

The smallest planet is MercuryMercury

Is the planet mercury and the element mercury the same thing?

No, the planet Mercury is just called Mercury. The element Mercury (Hg) is a chemical element and has nothing to do with the naming of the planet Mercury.

Which god was the planet of Mercury named after?

the planet Mercury is named after the god... Mercury!

What planet has old dried-up river valleys?

Mercury =)

What did the planet mercury do when he was a few days old?

became a messenger god

Is Mercury a Terrestrial Planet or a Jovian planet?

Mercury is not a Jovian planet, so it is a Terrestrial planet.

Is mercury a rocky planet or dwarf planet or or gas planet or a star?

mercury is a rocky planet

What planet is after Mercury?

The planet after Mercury would be Venus. Venus is an inner planet.

How old would an eighteen year old be on planet mercury?

18 only your weight changes

Temperatures on mercury-?

Mercury is a very hot planet. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun.

Mercury is what planet from the sun?

Mercury is the 1st planet from the sun.

Is Mercury a terrestrial planet?

Yes, Mercury is a terrestrial planet.

Is Mercury jovain?

Mercury is not a Jovian planet. It is a terrestrial planet.

What planet is the closest to the Mercury?

The closest planet to mercury is Venus.

Is there nutrients on planet Mercury?

No, there are no nutrients or resources on planet Mercury.