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23.. hi birthday is April 23rd

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How old is travis clark?

Travis Clark is 26 years old(:

Who is the singer's name from we the kings?

His name is Travis Clark. :]

Who is travis clark girlfriend from you the kings?

Laquisha laquanda

Who is the lead singer of you the kings?

Travis Clark is the lead singer and guitarist of We The Kings.

Which musician has red hair and rides motobikes?

it could be Travis Clark from We The Kings?

Who is travis clark we the kings lead singer's half-brother?

Carson byrd

Does Travis Clark from you the kings have a kid?

First of all its WE THE KINGS and he has 4 children 2boys and 2girls look at his vlogs on youtube.

Who is the male musician with red hair who performs barefoot?

Travis Clark of We The Kings or Brett Dennen

Travis Clark?

what is a middle name what is year old

What is Travis Outlaw's number on the Sacramento Kings?

Travis Outlaw is number 25 on the Sacramento Kings.

Who are the band members in We the Kings?

Travis Drew Hunter Dan Are the members of We The Kings Travis Drew Hunter Dan Are the members of We The Kings

What is the names of we the Kings band members?

1) Travis Clark 2) Hunter Thomsen 3) Drew Thomsen 4) Danny Duncan

Who is travis clark?

Travis Clark is the lead singer of the band, We the Kings . He is also their main guitar player. He grew up in Bradentown, FL and still resides there. HE ROCKS! he is an awesome sexy singer who grew up in BRADENTON not BRADENTOWN where i lived for the first 11 years of my life.

How tall is travis clark?

6'1 :)

Who is travis pastrana's mechanic?

Dick Clark

What NBA team does Travis Outlaw play for?

Travis Outlaw plays for the Sacramento Kings.

Who are the members of you the Kings?

If you mean, WE the Kings:Travis Clark - lead vocals, guitar, pianoHunter Thomsen - lead guitarDanny Duncan - drumsCharles Trippy - bass guitarColey O'Toole - piano, guitar, backing vocals

Does travis clark have siblings?

Yes a brother and a sister

Did Travis Clark and Demi Lovato date?

no she definately did not .

What position does Travis Outlaw play?

Travis Outlaw plays small forward for the Sacramento Kings.

Who are the band members of 'We the Kings'?

* Travis Clark - lead vocals, guitar * Hunter Thomsen - guitar, vocals * Drew Thomsen - bass * Danny Duncan - drums there you go! I hope it helps!

Who sang the song secret valentine?

Travis Clark <3 (:

How old is Travis Flores?

travis flores is 108 years old

Where did Travis Clark go to high school?

Manatee High School

How old is travis from nlt?

Travis from NLT is currently 20 years old