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Q: How old is your armea pocket watch?
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Can you Find Swiss pocket watch serial numbers?

Men's pocket watch serial 1009277 how old

When was Gilbert Armea Garcera born?

Gilbert Armea Garcera was born on 1959-02-02.

How old is your pocket watch sold by sears and roebuck marked edgemere USA?

Value of Sears Pocket watch 1886

How old is your Waltham pocket watch serial number 16487637?

A Waltham pocket watch is a very old and rare watch. They were only made for four years. 1854-1858. To best help you I would suggest you take it to a watch smith and have it looked at.

How do you demagnetize a old pocket watch?

you rub a piece of sand paper on it

Where can one purchase an old pocket watch?

Old pocket watches can be purchased from many different stores, retailers, and pawn shops. Some stores that sell old pocket watches include eBay and Etsy.

Geneva watches Quartz Pocket-watch with illuminating face.How old is this pocket-watch?

Without additional information, it is not possible to accurately determine the age of a specific Geneva watches Quartz Pocket-watch with an illuminating face. The age of the watch will depend on the production and release date by the manufacturer, as well as the specific model and its availability in the market.

How do you change a battery in a pocket watch?

I have a relic pocket watch from fossil inc. I am replacing the batteries. I got the old ones our but cannot get the battery that goes to the inside in again. please explain if you can

When was the pocket watch invented?

The pocket watch was invented in the year 1504.

What does the word guaranteed on a pocket watch mean?

If your talking about an old type pocket watch it may referring to the gold plating that it has,guaranteed to wear ten or twenty years is usually found stamped on the inside of the watch case.

When was Chabiwali Pocket Watch created?

Chabiwali Pocket Watch was created in 2006.

What is the Name of pocket watch chain?

whats the name of a pocket watch with a chain