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You will need to include the Model of Browning shotgun,and type of shotgun in your question to get a correct answer.

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If I'm not mistaking the 740 was made from '55 to '59.

Model 720, probably, which was very similar to the Browning A5. There was also a Model 726 (2-shot version), 740 (Cutts compensator and skeet style stock) and 745 (alloy receiver). Look for the model number on the receiver of your gun. Made from 1931-1949, although your barrel address markings indicate pre-1947.

740 K could mean: 740,000 (number: the "k" stands for "thousand") 740 degrees k (temperature) 740 * k (in maths, to multiply 740 and k together)

It's date code stamped. See related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

The code is different for each radio. Your best chance to get the code is to call the nearest Volvo dealer and give them the part number or serial number on the radio.

No because 740 divided by 7 gives an answer that isn't a whole number :(

740(1+x) = 1184 1184/740 = 1.6 1 - 1.6 = .6 or 60%

Check this table for the answer:

I have the same problem with my 740. Although I am fairly certain that its because the tip of the magazine latch broke off.

They only made ~250K of them from 1955-1959 obviously that's near the end by serial I can't tell you but the barrel with be marked with the date code for month and year. See related links for details.

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The phone number of the Eastern Branch is: 740-886-6697.

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The phone number of the Laurelville Branch is: 740-332-4700.

The phone number of the Barlow Branch is: 740-678-0103.

The phone number of the Prospect Branch is: 740-494-2684.

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