How old was Jesus when he had his baptism?

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He was approximately 30 years old. His ministry lasted for about three years and within that time changed the world forever. He was approximately 33 years old when he was crucified. I believe this is fairly accurate.

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Q: How old was Jesus when he had his baptism?
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How old was Jesus Christ when he got baptized?

Luke informs us that Jesus was about 30 years old at his baptism. (Luke 3:21-23)

How is Jesus' baptism and our baptism connected?

Baptism is joining a religion that enables you to believe in Jesus and the rest of the beliefs the religion has to offer.

What kind of baptism did Jesus received from John?

Baptism are physical act with spiritual meaning. In the case of Jesus Christ it was spiritual baptism.

How old Jesus Christ baptism and what book to find?

Jesus was baptised by John The Baptist when he was about 30 years old. You will find this story in the Gospels.Additional detail:The only gospel to closely associate the baptism of Jesus with a mention of His age is Luke. See chapter 3, verses 21-23.

Where did the Holy Spirit lead Jesus after His baptism?

The Holy Spirit lead Jesus into the wilderness after his baptism.

Did buddist teach baptism before jesus?

No, Buddhism did not teach baptism before Jesus. It is not part of that religion.

Why is Jesus baptism tied in with Christmas?

Well, Christmas is when Jesus was born and I don't think he had a baptism. You get a baptism if you are Christian or Catholic, but Jesus was actually Jewish. The Christian religion wasn't invented until 33 years after Jesus died.

Why did Jesus Christ get water baptism in 30 years old?

Because God, his heavenly Father ordained it.

What ceremony do christains go through to show that they believe in Jesus Christ as their savior?

Baptism. In the Bible, baptism is a believers baptism. Someone who believes in Jesus Christ as their saviour.

Who was involved with the baptism of Jesus?

Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist.

What happens when baptism is celebrated?


What is dedication relation with baptism?

its what jesus did

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