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He was 15 at the time.

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How old was justin bieber when he first kiss a girl?

Justin bieber first kissed a girl at 11 or 12

Is it true that Justin Bieber kissed a 12 year old girl?

yes Justin bieber did kiss a girl that was 12 years old and i think that is wrong

How old was Justin bieber when he had his first love?

Justin Bieber was 13 aw that girl was so lucky

What girl does Justin Bieber sing about in his songs?

Justin Bieber sings about his old girlfriend Caitlyn and Rihanna of course!

How old was the girl in Baby that Justin Bieber kissed?

she WAS 16 i think xoxoxox LUV U JUSTIN BIEBER!

How old are girl in one time by Justin Bieber?

The girl was 16 years old i think when she was in One Time by Justin Bieber, I think now she is 17 not quite sure

Has Justin Bieber ever dated a 12 year old?

Yes. Justin bieber dated a girl that was twelve when he was 12. :)

Did Justin bieber punch a 14 year old girl?

i don't think Justin bieber would do something like that

Well Justin Bieber go out with a 10 year old girl that loves him for all his heart?

Well Justin Biebergo out with a 10 year old girl that loves him for all his heart?

How old was Justin's bieber's girl born?

Justin bieber did not have a baby

Would Justin Bieber date a nine year old girl with pretty curly hair?

I think Justin Bieber will not go out with a 9 year old. He said that he is looking for a girl that is 13-17.

Would scotty mcreery go out with a 12year old girl and justin bieber?

No, sorry he wouldn't go out with a 12 year Old Girl or Justin Bieber, but I am sure there is somebody who is perfect for you when your a bit older.

How old was Bieber when he had his first kiss?

Justin Bieber was 13 when he had his first kiss it was with a girl at his school at prom;)

How old was juustin bieber wen he first kissed a girl?

Justin bieber was 13 when he had his first kiss

Would Justin Bieber love a girl that is 11years old?

some say yes!! age doesnt matter but Justin bieber is 16 remember that!!

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