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well no one knows except kishi but all i know is kakashi was a chunin at the age of six, i know this because of the chunin exams when kakashi has an argument against iruka about letting squad seven compete in the chunin exams

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Q: How old was Kakashi when his team was first called together?
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What is another name for Team Kakashi?

Team 7

How does Kakashi's old teamate Rin die?

No she continues on but in a different team than kakashi.

Who is the girl in Kakashis team?

When he was in a team it was Kakashi, Obuto and Rin was the girl. If your talking about the Team 7 when Kakashi is the sensei it's Naruto ,Sasuke and the girl is Sakura.

Who are the members of team Kakashi?

Also know as team 7. Original members are Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Sasuke was replaced by Sai after Sasuke left for Orochimaru. And Yamato (Tenzo) replaced Kakashi temperory as Kakashi was resting after battle.

Sasuke team 7 technique?

There's no such technique. If there was it would be most likely when they (Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke) would all work together as a team. Which is basically just team-work.

Who is Kakashi namikaze?

There isn't a Kakashi Namikaze. Kakashi's last name is Hatake. However, his team leader, Minato, his last name was Namikaze.

When does the kakoshi team see Sasuke again?

Whenever he uses his technique called, " sharingan."

Who was rin and why did she get kidnapped?

Rin is one of the member of Team Minato , together with Kakashi and Obito. she's kidnapped? she died when Orochimaru attack Konoha.

Naruto arena whos a good team with Kakashi?

the best team is your mom

What is konoha?

Konoha is kakashi team and enemy of akatsuki

Why does Kakashi have a striken eye?

kakashi has a stricken eye because when his team was on a mission to rescue rin, one of the bandits hit kakashi in the eye with a kunai and that's why he has a scar.

Why does kakahi die?

kakashi dies because his the only person who can kill madara(right?)with his mangekyou sharinggan.and his death will brought together team 7 again