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He was 41. Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were secretly married in January of 1533. Henry was born June 28, 1491.

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Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn got married in January 28th 1533

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Q: How old was King Henry VIII when he married his second wife?
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When were Catherine Howard and King Henry VIII married?

Answer Catherine Howard was the fifth of King Henry VIII's six wives. They married on 28th July 1540.

How long were Jade and King Henry VIII married for?

King Henry VIII of England famously married six times. None of his wives were called Jade.

Who was the king of England and married 6 times?

King Henry III

When did Henry VIII get married to cahterine of aragon?

Catherine of Aragorn was married to King Henry VIII on June the 11th, 1509 AD.

Who should have been the second Tudor king?

Henry VIII

Which of Henry VIII's sisters married the King of Portugal?

Neither one was married to the King of Portugal.

When did Henry viii married Catherine of Aragon?

it was June 24, 1509. when Catherine of Aragon got married to Henry VIII

What happened to King Henry VIII's second and fifth wives?

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WHO WAS the second king of the house of Tudor in England?

Henry VIII.

What did Henry VIII do before he got married?

Henry VIII was a very fit man before he was married, he was thought very handsom and was a very popular tudor king.

Was Henry VIII oldest son of Henry vii?

His eldest son's name was Arthur, he married to Katherine, died, and his brother Henry (It was common to name your son after yourself at this time), became King Henry VIII and married Arthur's widowed wife

Did King Henry VIII have King Henry the 7 as a brother?

No, King Henry VII was King Henry VIII's father.