How old was Michael Jackson when he sang rockin robin?

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he was about 12 years old
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Who sang rockin robin?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958. "Rockin' Robin" is a song written by Leon René under the pseudonymof Jimmie Thomas and recorded by Bobby Day in 1958. Also Eddie Silver hi

Who sang rockin' robin?

Bobby Day had a hit with it in 1958. Michael Jackson had a hit with it in 1972. Sha-na-na may have had a hit with it in the late 1960's

What bands sang rockin robin?

Rockin' Robin is a 1958 song by Bobby Day.. It was covered by The Hollies on their first album, and would be revived as a single again in 1972 by the then-teenaged Michael Ja

Lyrics to the song rockin robin by the Jackson five?

He rocks in the tree tops all day long Hoppin' and a boppin' and a singing his song All the little birdies on Jay-Bird street Love to hear the robin go tweet,tweet,tweet
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What does rockin' robin by Michael Jackson mean?

This wasn't actually by Michael Jackson- he only did a cover version of it, it was originally released by Bobby Day in 1958. Basically, it's a nonsense song about a robin chi