How old was littmus w block when he went to war?

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14 years old.
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Who are some people who went to war?

Simpson and his donkey , edward dulop , and a lot more you can look it up in your local community libary or your local school libary .

What if the US and England went to war?

We'd all be screwed. Both the US and the UK have nuclear defence systems, so it would essentially be a cold war, with both sides escalating threats until it ended either in reconciliation or annhilation of one or both participants. No, that's my novel idea, gerroff.

How old was King when he went to college?

At age 19 , Martin Luther King, Jr. graduated from MorehouseCollege in Atlanta GA in 1948 with a B.A. degree in sociology. At age 22 , he graduated from Crozer Theological Seminary inChester PA in 1951 with a Bachelor of Divinity degree. At age 26 , he received a PhD in theology from BostonUniver ( Full Answer )

This is why Germany went to war..?

Germany went to war for many reasons. In WWII, they went to warbecause they wanted to control the countries surrounding Germany.

How old was Columbus when he went to sea?

Christopher Columbus's exact birthday isn't known, but is placedbetween October 31, 1450 and October 30, 1451. At the time of hisfirst voyage in 1492, he was around 40 years old (this was thevoyage where he discovered America, on his search for the Indies).At the time of his second voyage in 1493, h ( Full Answer )

How old was Sally when she went to space?

Sally Ride was 32 when she went to space for the first time in1983. She was the first woman from NASA to be able to go on a SpaceShuttle mission.

Why north went to war with the south?

The American Civil War that pitted North against South was causedby deep-seated disagreement over the interconnected issues ofstates' rights and slave-holding. In general, Northerners wereopposed to slave-holding, even if racial prejudice was not uncommonin the American North. Still more, Northerner ( Full Answer )

Which football players went to war?

Some NFL player who were in the military during the Vietnam war areCharlie Joiner, Roger Staubach, Jim Clack, and Ray Nitschke. PatTillman was an NFL player who was killed in the war in Afghanistan.Roger Staubach did a tour of duty in Vietnam after graduating fromthe U.S. Naval Academy.

How old would you be if you went to venus?

The same age you would be if you stayed on Earth :)\n. \nOh, you mean how old would you be in Venerian years?\n. \nAn Earth year is 365.25 days. A Venerian year is 224.7 Earth days.\nThat means that a person who is 10 years old in Earth years would be 10 x 365.25 / 224.7 = 16.25 Venerian years ol ( Full Answer )

How do you say went to war in Navajo?

"we went to war" --- Baa' baa ńdiikai 'ashdla' shinááhai dóó 'atah baa' baa ńdiisdzá --"At the age of twenty five I was on of those who went to war." Note Navajo conjugates very differently than English. In order touse this, one would need to know who and how many went and in ( Full Answer )

Who went to World War 2?

The allies and axis fought in ww2. the allies consisted of Canada, Poland, England, the us, part of France, and eventually russia. the axis consisted of Germany (the Nazis), Italy, and Japan.

Was there really a Littmus Lozenge?

Yes, there was. But not anymore. We disagree with the answer above. We looked up the Littmus Lozenge online and were not able to find a company website. In addition, we looked at Google images and could not find any consistent pictures of the Littmus Lozenge, unlike other candy such as Lemonh ( Full Answer )

How old was George Washington when he went to war?

He was 20 when he received his first military position , that of major in the Virginia Militia. He was 22 in 1754 when he first saw action in the French and Indian War. He retired from the military from 1758 until 1775, when he was given command of the Continental Army at the age of 43.

Where can you buy Littmus Lozenges?

Well, a littmus lozenge is actually a fictional candy mentioned in the book Because of Winn-Dixie. If you search on google, there is no such person named Littmus W. Block and therefore no such thing called a Littmus Lozenge. If you look in the story, the factory is located in Naomi, Florida. But it ( Full Answer )

World War I went from what to what?

It went from 1914 to 1918. It went from 1914 to 1918. It went from 1914 to 1918. It went from 1914 to 1918. It went from 1914 to 1918. It went from 1914 to 1918.

What Australians knew about war when they went to it?

\nThe Australians who knew about war when they joined up or where called up by the government were the 'Veteran Soldiers', those who had fought in the army in the previous war, WW1.\nI believe the others thought of it as high adventure, and their patriotic duty. It was commonly thought they would va ( Full Answer )

What happend when the Romans went to war?

the Romans lost all their weapons and had to attack with only their horses and their own swords the Romans lost the war and were spanked when they were captured the horses were burned to ashes and the ashes were used as a seasoning for food. the Jewish prayed to the devil to help them eat fruit

Are littmus lozenges real?

No, litmus lozenge are not real at all. They are a fictional candythat are in the book, Because of Winn-Dixie.

Why ANZAC'S went to war?

An ANZAC I saw interviewed on television said that he and his comrades did it mainly because they saw it as an adventure. The war was something which allowed them to get out of Australia and New Zealand and go to another part of the world.

How old was Jesus when he went to Jerusalem?

Luke 2:41 says "Every year Jesus' parents went to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover". The next verse specifically mentions that Jesus went with them when he was twelve (though it's likely he did all the other years too).

Buffalo soldiers went to war with who?

\nDuring the Civil War, black solders served in state units. Following the Civil War, black solders were organized into the 10th cavalry. These were called "Buffalo solders". They were organized in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, for the purpose of protecting the continental railroad. They drove off the S ( Full Answer )

What countrys went to war in 1914?

The world, from America to Japan. The reason school don't tell you about other countries because the government want you to know who started it. if you catch my drift. Here is a complete list: Allied states Belgium (including Belgian colonial forces) British Empire Australia British crown coloni ( Full Answer )

Who went to war in 1939?

The war was started by the Nazis when they invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. The Brits and French declared war on Germany. Then the war escalated when Germany invaded France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Denmark. The rest is history.

Why you went to war with Iraq?

Well mostly people say we went to war with Iraq because we think that they attack us which is the world trade center and the pentagon. But now we are realizing that this is all a lie and the government must be part of this attack. So we went to war with Iraq because we wanted their oil to make money ( Full Answer )

Japan went to war with what country?

Japan went to war with many countries. In the Sino-Japanese war, they went to war with China. Japan invaded Taiwan in 1985. In the Russo-Japanese war, they went to war with Russia. In World War I, they were a part of the Allied Forces and battled against Germany and Russia. In World W ( Full Answer )

How old were the astronauts when they went to the moon?

Twelve men have walked on the moon (ages approximate): Neil Armstrong was nearly 39 Buzz Aldrin was 39½ Pete Conrad was nearly 39½ Alan Bean was 37 2/3 Alan Shepard was 47 1/5 Edgar Mitchell was 40 2/5 David Scott was 39 1/6 James Irwin was 41 2/5 John Young was 41 3/5 Charles Duke was 36½ ( Full Answer )

Where is the littmus lozenge factory?

In Naomi Florida on Fairville Road The address given above is from the book, Because of Winn Dixie . However, the factory does not exist, nor does Littmus W. Block, the owner of the Littmus Losenge Factory. We researched multiple sources and were unable to find any biographical information or i ( Full Answer )

Why did the US went to war with Spain?

The 1800s were a trendy time for Europeans, the fad of colonial empires; and the US was feeling those ideas too by 1898. Although the US under President Polk was accused of "expansionism" during the Mexican War of 1846 (which brought into the Union California, Utah, Nevada, Arizonia, and New Mexico) ( Full Answer )

What president went to war with mexico?

James k Polk who was the 11th president of the united states from 1845 to 1849. in 1845 he offered up to 30 million pounds for California and New Mexico.

Why we went to war with japan?

Aircraft and vessels of the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked parts of the US Navy stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. The battle was a decisive Japanese victory, and much of the US fleet was crippled in one fell swoop. Casualties were lopsided, as about 2,400 American servicemen lo ( Full Answer )

Who was the first women that went to war?

Sorry, but no one really knows for certain. Ancient tribes had wars all the time, but since they had no writing system, we don't know for sure. XP Sorry...

Why the union and the confederacy went to war?

Because the southern states considered themselves as sovereign and capable of running their own business. The northern states attempted to push the south into doing what the north wanted, and so the south began seceding.

Who went to the old Globe Theatre?

People who wanted to see plays, which included just about everyone except the Puritans, who were opposed on principle to having a good time, the Queen and the topmost nobility, who could afford to have the plays come to them, and the poorest of the poor who could not even afford the very cheap admis ( Full Answer )

What went wrong what went right with the spanish American war?

America gaining overseas possessions was one thing that went rightduring the Spanish American War. One things that went wrong duringthe war was when Commodore Winfield Scott Schley tried to getAmerican ships out of Santiago Bay and lost all of the ships.

Why us went to war in Vietnam?

Because our Navy destroyer was fired upon by North Vietnamese gun boats. That was the story given to me and millions of others. Because I loved and still do love my country, It was good enough reason..........

Who went to war in the second triumvirate?

Actually the entire second triumvirate went to war, even with each other. The second triumvirate was a legal body commissioned by the senate to bring to justice Caesar's killers. They had supreme power that could be compared to a dictatorship. At the beginning, Octavian and Antony raised an army and ( Full Answer )

What went on after World War 2?

Peace came after WW2, people went home, business made some money, thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen could not find work. Many people moved or even emigrated to find work. The world was in a depression paying for the war.