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When Jonas brothers' first CD "It's About Time" came out, Nick Jonas was 13


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Nick Jonas was discovered in a Barber Shop First Joe & Kevin Came along later

nick Jonas from Jonas brothers

Nick Jonas Was 13 when he started to perform with the Jonas brothers

nick Jonas, joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas

Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are brothers. They are two thirds of the band The Jonas Brothers.

Nick Jonas is the youngest member in a band called the Jonas Brothers(of which he is in, with his brothers).

The first song that nick Jonas wrote was "please be mine", he wrote it with his dad.Did you know that Nick Jonas is thinking about going solo and leaving the Jonas Brothers?

First Nick Jonas made a solo album called "Nicholas Jonas". The other albums are: 1.) It's About Time 2.) Jonas Brothers 3.) A Little Bit Longer 4.) Artist Karaoke Series: Jonas Brothers 5.) Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience Soundtrack 6.) Lines, Vines and Trying Times Also Nick Jonas came out with a CD by his band Nick Jonas and the Administration called "Who I Am" in February 2010.

Nick Jonas is the youngest in the band of the Jonas brothers but in the family Frankie Jonas is the youngest

Nick JONAS is a JONAS Brother because his brothers, Joe JONAS and Kevin JONAS, all formed a band with him.

nick Jonas of the Jonas brothers was born in dallas, Texas 1992 sept.16

Nick was 2. He was discovered in a barbershop. Nick started the 'Jonas Brothers'. The first song they wrote was 'Please be mine'.

nick was really on Broadway before he was in the Jonas brothers

Nick Jonas from the Jonas Brothers band, 5'9 as of 2010He said it in their web chat.

the Jonas brothers didnt change their name, nick Jonas is doing a side project by releasing a solo album. his new band is called nick Jonas and the administration. the Jonas brothers band still exists.

nick Jonas :) Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers!

Nick Jonas is sometime the drummer fr the Jonas Brothers

No hes not quiting the Jonas brothers yet.

The Jonas Brothers first performance I believe was in Dallas, Texas which is where Nick Jonas and Frankie Jonas were born. Nick was the first of the Jonas Brothers to perform as young boy. Doing spiritual solo performances at small events and shops, it then only until after Nick failed to get his first record deal at the age of 9, Joe and Kevin joined in the band. Their first performance was in Dallas, TX with the band name, Sons of Jonas. When they started to become well-known and famous, they changed their name to 'Jonas Brothers'. :)

OK. First of all, Nick is one of the Jonas Brothers. Secondly, the youngest in their family is Frankie. He's 8.

There are 4 Jonas brothers all together. Nick, Kevin, Joe and Frankie Nick, Joe and Kevin are the band "The Jonas Brothers"

nick Jonas preformed first in a local hair cut shop in wycoff, NJ

he was 12 but then it wasnt called the Jonas brothers Kevin and joe were just helping to develop nick's solo career but i guess he was like 14 when they offficially came the Jonas Brothers

Kevin is the lead guitarist of the Jonas Brothers.

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