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Justin was 15 Sean was 19

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Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston

Yep. Sean Kingston was featured in Justin's song Eenie Meenie.

Sean Kingston sang Eenie Meenie with Justin Biber

Sean Kingston Who also performs Eenie Meenie With Justin.

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston? 2010

Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston

it is a single or you can find it on My World 2.0

They already did. It's called Eenie Meenie and it's quite FABULOUS :)

Sean Kingston ft. Justin Bieber - Eenie Meenie

3, wont stop, eenie meenie, and shawty lets go

Right now Justin Bieber is not going on tour with anyone... but occasionally he sings with Usher and Ludacris and Sean Kingston for his songs, Somebody to love, Baby and Eenie Meenie...

Hi everyone, I'm going to answer this question for all of you.Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston have made a song called " Ennie Meenie Mini Mo."If you want to play the song or read the lyrics, the URL is,A wiki answers member

Eenie Meenie Minni Moe Lover by Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber.

justin biber will you answer my question for me what color did u wear in eenie meenie

It's about a girl who can't make up her mine and can't decide between Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber. They soon found out.

Justin bieber doesnt have a brother

Justin bieber wears a jacket from a designer called Moncler Francis Jacket!!

it was the girl jasmine v. from baby

The single is titled "Eenie Meenie" (after the choosing rhyme Eenie meenie miny moe). This is a duet with Sean Kingston originally slated for his album "Back 2 Life" but not included. It appeared on Bieber's album "My World 2.0" (2010).

justins last music video was eenie meenie.

Justin bieber doesn't have a girl friend but if you are referring to his ex Caitlin Beadles then her little brother is Christan Beadles he appears in Justin's music video for eenie meenie ft Sean Kingston

Right now Sean has a hit called 'Eenie Meenie' with Justin Beiber.

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